🕎🕎🕎 7 🕎🕎🕎

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2017 7x7 shemitah years = jubilee year

1977 silver jubilee year UK HRH

Barry Sheene who remained as Britain's last champion in 1977

London underground Jubilee line 7 car rolling stock.

Christine Lagarde magic number 7

The 7 gifts of the holy spirit

The 7 deadly sins


Loads of mega stars died at 27!

Watch Christine Lagarde. Pretty fascinating.
Yeah you're right about 27 and people dying.

I can see why it appeals to you :)
It seems all a bit too contrived to me, sorry.

I get that but the more i study numerology the less contrived it appears to be. Happy to accept it could all be a bunch of crap though. :-)

Aw, you are sweet. If it's your thing, go for it!

As long as I'm not turning in to Jim Carrey in that film the number 23 I'm ok.

7 colours of the rainbow!

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