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RE: The metals bounce - consolidation continues

I am just waiting for the silver boom. What is your opinion: let's suppose that the gold/silver ratio reaches 50. Do you sell your silver bullion to buy gold bullion or do you sell your silver bullion only or you do nothing?


Personally I wouldn't do anything depending on the price of other assets. At some point I intend to start the cycle out of precious metals and into new technology and new energy companies, but I don't see that being an opportunity for some years yet.

I am 69 years old and I cannot wait for years. To me, it is silver in a near future or cryptos.

Or cash out, enjoy life and don't worry about investments ;)
Trying to make fast money is always a recipe for potential disaster. I've learned from my own mistakes. Precious metals are a waiting game, like it or not. I really can't say how long. Maybe next year, maybe in 10 years, but then when the price rockets how do you know when to sell?

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