Gold hit $1500

in steemsilvergold •  15 days ago 

Sold hits $1500 for the first a long long time.

Keep stacking. Go get you some.

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It looks like all that stacking I did 3-5 years ago is finally going to pay off!

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Being patient, sticking to the stacking plan, knowing in our heart that fiat money printing to infinity, the precious metals would eventually catch a bid.

I knew there was a reason I picked the gold coin on the Monster Raffle.

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Gram by gram we fight the fiat system.....Silver isn't doing too bad this morning also with a 2% gain.....we'll do well either the moon Alice.

I worked on a Movie with Jackie Gleason...

August 6, 2019... 20.6 Hollywood Time...

Your more famous that we knew. I shook Ronald Reagan's hand when I was in college and he was campaigning for President.

Let see if this gold run can hit $1900 per oz. quickly. If the price gets slammed hard shortly, this will mean that the manipulation game hasn't ended yet.

It will be a slow grind to 1580 first, consolidate, retreat, but then march upward to 1650. A crisis would rocket the price to the previous high, as priced in fiat US dollars

Double the $1,500 and add another $500...

August 6, 2019... 20,5 Hollywood Time...