10/31 Trading Futures Update - PMs-Up, S&P500-Flat, Crypto-Down

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Fed Saves The Market - moor Meth for the Masses

As we close out the month of October today we see the markets are about to survive the historical crashes that have occurred in the past. The markets got what they wanted from the FED, now all thoughts turn to what will happen in December. It seems like the meth ride is about to stop, inflation is coming, food is running low, admitted, we do not have the extra reserves to sell to China, while the Americans will be forced to pay higher prices.

Precious metals were up, reacted down after the Fed announcement, then we see the metals higher this morning. I suspect, once people finally see the destruction of the financial markets due to low rates, the safety of the metals will shine.

Stawks were flat, dropped, then found hope when Powell spoke in his Q&A. We see a stop in the future rate drops, dependent on inflation, inflation we will have now, and into the future. RECORD HIGHS BABY.......Fair value is at -2.88, a larger bump for the open.

Crypto is down, failing to hold the high at 10, 400......now a steady drip, drip, drip down. Few new buyers to save the ramp, pump & dump....Steem at #82, priced at $0.1425. Do we hear 15 cents?

Keep stacking. Go get you some.

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I believe the silver Friday slam will be asleep today. I don’t see a afternoon crush today. We shall see.. 29A661DB-A63B-45A8-B59A-096D003B7A45.png

You made your call early in the day, they did find a way to both metals down from their highs. But Friday will be too tempting to get both below 1500 and 18. The stawks are ready to test record highs on a Friday. The visuals would be stawks up, PMs down. But the technicals are looking good, both bounced of lows so I see a drive to the August highs, gold over 1555 and silver near 18.50.

I agree 100%

We might be some dips in between but Gold ain’t going below $1500 today. I think we finally have a higher floor in general. Maybe we can dip to $1400 but I see it heading towards $1600 by year end. Gold will hold up today though

PS- a few minutes after I wrote this we are down $8 on gold. Clearly one day or week doesn’t mean much but I strongly felt we will hold above $1500
But who knows now with this so called “strong” jobs number

Pace or growth up
Well in the bogus spin on stats

Well, the metal were hit in the mouth and then recovered back to the pre-unemployment levels.......I see continued strength going into next week.

Palladium jumped too
It’s craxy out here. I do believe you are correct
We will see the cracks soon and metals are going up

Well, a big jobs report, and September adjustment, silver under 18, gold down $10, hanging just over 1500.

Only November 1, and they already have October data......Fake numbers

I agree

Watching CNBC praise these numbers
It’s pathetic how bogus this crap is

These fools just going on and on about how we don’t need to hsve a manufacturer base
Just need our consumption economy to hold. It’s insanity.

A better jobs report would imply holding rates steady, bad for the markets.....Algos running the show