Silver lining?

Looking at the present change in the silver to gold ratio; are we perhaps looking at a change in the upward trend since 2011?


The silver to gold ratio has been in an increasing trend from 2011, moving from around 30 to 95. At the end of July, the ratio dropped to around 86 and is now climbing a little to 88.

I do not have a magic crystal ball, but it looks something is going on. I would not be surprised that large investment companies or banks are turning to silver and see opportunities.

Next to gold I also accumulate my silver position for years now.

Silver is, other than gold, also an industrial commodity and is running scarce. Could it be that a major breakthrough for silver is eminent?
Again, I don’t have a crystal ball, but I keep to my strategy for the long term and anticipate to a major price correction.

Enjoy and do your own investigations. You will notice the silvermarket has always been unpredictable, so be careful!



I'm expecting to see a Silver/Gold Ratio of 10 to 1 in the very near Future...

The United States is going back to "Sound Money"...

August 6, 2019... 20.8 Hollywood Time...

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