You got a Favorite?

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For most of us stackers, we tend to have a favorite piece or 2. You know its thay piece that you will never get rid of, that piece that you take out and hold more than the other.


For me it's the Jolly Rogers. This piece is one of the best pieces in my opinion that @pit-bullion has poured. The relief on this piece is crazy.


So what makes this one special, well I'll tell ya, this piece was a gift from one of the best steemians around, one that I call a Friend. He sometimes acts like a pirate ( although its been awhile since we have seen a full blown pirate post.) He has made himself known in the ssg community, he is one of the 4 horsemen of @ssg-community.


Probably wasn't hard for you guys to figure out. But yep, ole silver beard himself @thedamus. Now when I got this gift from him, I was not expecting it which just made it oh so sweet. It is 15 oz of pure kickass badassery that fits him.


This piece seems to be out of the safe more than it is in the safe. Sure most of you have seen or even held a Jolly Rogers, but trust me when I tell you this, there is nothing like a 15oz Jolly Rogers.

So whats you Favorite piece? Lets get the post goin and light this place up with silver post....

@thedamus, your an awrsome dude, father and friend.

Thats it for tonight, thanks for stopping by!

Y'all keep stacking, cause I am



That's a sweet piece, Ray.
My pit-bullion 2oz anarchy hexagon is my favourite.
Something about the feel of a hand pour.

Right! Hand pour is the way to go. Thanks Matt!

Right back atcha’ Ray!


The one and only, thanks brother for that you do!

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Jolly Roger looking sweet in silver!

yea he does! Thanks for stopping by bud!😎👍

My favorites are the Republic of Chad Egyptian series 2oz coins.


Cool set indeed

Wow, that is now mine too.I will be posting about it soon because I just got a bunch in the mail.
What a fkin coincidense @vgholdingsllc

Nice tbnfl4sun! I'm working on getting the two 5oz coins next. Hopefully soon. Did you get those yet?

Hell yess i did!

Awesome. I've had my eye on them for a while now. Time to pull the trigger I think.

That's a great favorite piece. And 15 ounces is a nice weight.

My favorites right now are the 5 Queen's Beast coins that @britcoin just sent me. That's 10 ounces total!

I have the little brother version of this Pirate round from @backyardbullion . It may be a commercialy available mold that more than Pourer produces it but still unique by the finished product and Maker's stamp. Just love Pirate silver! Arrrh!

Pirate silver is probably my favorite as well.

That Jolly Rogers at 15 oz must be awesome.
And a most excellent gift from @thedamus.

It really is! Thanks for stopping by gk

That’s a great Pit piece. Tried to get one but Pit said the mold broke. Dammit....😪

It did, I think this is one of or the last ine done. Thanks sd510

The mould was failing, and this one is the last one pit poured. 😎👍

The Lion of England from the Queen's Beasts series.

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