Who's In SteemSilverGold?

in steemsilvergold •  2 months ago

I think its time! We have come a long ways and its time for the 1st annual SSG meet up.

ZomboMeme 09092018153745.jpg

Now this would probably be in the United States and maybe around April or May 2019. I know that there has been a few members that have meet one on one. I feel like this is kinda long over due and would take our group to the next leval.


So lets plan it out, we need to come up with a location and how many days. I will see if SSUK will set up a discord channel so we can discuss things. I am thinking Las Vegas, after all it is the gold and silver capital.



So this point in time that you tell me what you think, I am open to every members thoughts. I would also love to know how many members live inside the United States.



Not much more to talk about, just wanted to get this idea out there and see how everyone feels about it.

Proud support and member of #steemsilvergold


Keep stacking my friends!!



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Like Flynn buddy...like Flynn!!!



Gonna make this happen this year 😎👍


🤘😎 Run Po.et Run!

Ray, I'm in! I floated this idea in a couple of posts in the early spring. It didn't get much traction at the time but I think the time is right. Awesome.


I'm ready too. Hopefully we can get something worked out. Appreciate dude.


its your fault I want to go to that coin show in Las Vegas lol


It's all you @corndogg42
Though you probably already know about it. See you in Vegas brother.

I live in Brazil but my daughter lives in Canada. Depending on the date of the meeting, I could make a trip to Las Vegas if I am in Canada at this time.


Sounds great, would love to have everyone. Lets hope we can lock a date down pretty soon.

I'm not sure yet where I'll be living in May, but I'll keep an open mind and if I can get a cheap flight by then I'd join any meetup :D

I live in Europe now and actually want to know:

  • Who in SSG are from Europe
  • Who will attend SteemFest in November?

Cheers! Meetups are fun :D


Sounds good, would love to have ya there. Cheers!

Hell yes, I miss Vegas and deserve a vacation! If we can agree on a date, not in the summer (my busy time) I am fucking there Bro!


Can you see it now.... ssg lootin vegas. Love it. Thanks bro.

Vegas would be Perfect since it is Pit Bullions Backyard........


Like the way your thinking jockey!!!

Sounds like s great idea. Don’t know if Vegas can handle all of us at one time though....🤣🤣🤣


😁 not sure they have enough silver for us.... 😎👍

Definitely a solid maybe. 😉
Sounds crazy for sure.


Maybe? We will provide you a cube if it will help.😂😂😁


Oh no you didn't....BAAahahahahaha.


lmaooooo poor Fin

Is it a new project?

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I live inside the US, sometimes on the East coast sometimes on the west. There's a chance I'll be on the east coast in May. Meetup sounds fun. Is there going to be another steem creators conference in Vegas next year around April?

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Great idea 👍🏻🦍

I am from Holland but will give it a serious thought. We can redo the Hangover in Vegas.

If I can get @silverstackeruk to fit in my suitcase then we will be there. 😂😂

Better start an #upfundme blog to pay for my flights 🛫✈️🛬


go for it mate!:)

thought it was an awesome idea when @summertooth talked about it and hey its a cheep flight or short drive for me so I'm down heck yeah

Your an admin on discord, set up whatever you need

i dont like it :(...........................................................................................................I LOVE IT :D

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