Steemit Rant! SORRY if I offend you!

in steemsilvergold •  2 months ago

1st off, if you are here, Thank You. 2nd off, GET BACK TO WORK.


I mean what are you thinking? Do you really think that your lack of posting is helping? Why are you here? If its just for the money, then leave!.

So if your still reading this then maybe you have some answers for those questions or maybe you are not here for the money. Either way, there is a problem, we, I say WE are killing steemit. It never fails, once the price drops then people stop posting. Well here is a secret for you "no post equals no Steemit". You wanna know why steem is down more than the average right now, well hell thats pretty simple, posting is down probably by atleast 50 % if not more.


Now is the time to be posting everyday if not once then twice. Now is the time to be stacking up on steem. Who gives a shit if your post went from $50 to $10! ITS FREE MONEY!!! AND FREE STEEM!!!!.


SO WAKE UP! you are running out of time, you are killing this platform. You are causing steem to be undervalued. The ball is in your court, its your choice to win or lose.


At this point with steem so low, it may take everyone doing 2 a day to wake this place back up. In less than a 6 weeks we have lost over half of steem value, isnt it enough already for you?

Thanks for you time and for stopping by!


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BOOOOM!!!!! YEAH!!!!
I post once per day and often twice a day too.
This contest and that contest, sports and movies and photography and cars and flowers and coins and bars and silver and gold. . . Whew...



Old school steemit right here☝️☝️

it’s not just steem, it’s crypto in general. I still like my shiny stack though :)

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Stack on

Crack that whip Hoss!!!


I need some new whips 😉


...sold all my good ones! 🤣🤣🤣

I post twice a day about my collections. One post in English and a different one in Portuguese. I am doing my part.


Great job rono


Awesome Ron, you also comment on ever post I read, which is awesome as well, thanks for all the support.


I like when someone comment on my posts, so I try to comment on all the posts I read. It is a kind way to say thank you...

Damn right @raybrockman! How quickly some lose sight of the future potential just because of a bump in the present time. If/when Steemit & crypto bounce back there are going to be a shitload of "coulda, shoulda, woulda" posts up in here, but there ain't gonna be one from you or me!


Its not if brother, its WHEN! thanks Summertooth

Back to steem school. Yes the value is down, but the steem payout is the same. So a double in steem price to $1.34 , will be a double in total payout. Only thing I disagree with is the two-a-day should be quality posts...... Go get ya some. Thanks @raybrockman


Thanks rolling!

I know Im bad


But you are corndog!😎👍

I am hopeful that it will pick up, but I agree that we need to keep posting to keep this community alive during this slow time. Everybody here just has so much good information and it is hard to keep away! Haha!


Thanks for the support K-S!😎👍

I agree with you, but this crypto downturn happens to be coming as I transition across the country. With a family to think about first, I simply don't have much time for consistent posting. Heck, I don't even have my pc properly setup yet!

I'll be back soon though!


Cant wait! Thanks nofiat!

Totally agree, @raybrockman. When the price is down there isn't a lot of motivation to post, but not if you realize now is the time to pick up Steem when nobody's looking.


Pick it up, pick it up! Thanks Kp

You freaking Fkg* killed it right there.
The time is now. Are you going through Hell ? Yeah right keep moving else you'll get consumed if you dare to wait.
Posting it is. Jus keep doing it. Thanks for the justice done to this post.

Aye aye! Posting every day, as per the job requirements!

After more than a year and close to 700 posts, I've averaged about 38 Cents each... lol... Sometimes, I would post up to 4 in a single day... People complained... These Days, if you're not paying for your up-votes, you're making less than my current 20 Cents or less, per post... Up-Votes are Down, plus people are still using their Sliders... It can be very discouraging at times... I wish everyone would go back to making 10 or 11 up-votes per day at 100%... I may not have the best professional looking lay-outs in my posts, but I do think they have Value...


You may end up being right about the change theory.


I actually can't see any other way out of the Debt they put us in... The Central Bank Owners have their Claws Dug Deep...

I was just talking on discord this morning with senseless about that very topic. I read an article that said 60% down on posting isxwhat is killing the platform.


60! Really? Man thats freakin terrible. Funny thing is this, I earn more steem now then I ever did.😁👍


That’s what the article said. The price drop is due to not enough Steem being created by the users. So demand is down. It was a long article, if I can find it again I’ll send you the link on discord.

I agree @raybrockman, I post at least once a day and most days twice a day. This is the time to build SP.... it is cheep. I also link my post to Facebook to give my friends a look at Steemit, I hope they will get curious ( silvertop Steemit seed )


Keep on posting and we all get to green crypto island

I've posted multiple times per day every single day for 2 years. Despite the drops in price I have not allowed it to drop my enthusiasm or consistency on this platform.

Am I a little depressed that my account went from being worth $80,000 to being worth $8,000? Of course I am. However, I know it's about stacking those coins and I have full faith that Steem will be worth way more than $8 in the not-so-distant future.

Upvoted at 100%.

I left steemit once but won't be doing it again. It is weird to see this lul in the platform. Its the first time I'm really seeing how the drop in posts is noticeable.

I with it. But i hope not to see a bunch of shit posts.

I agree, this is a prime time to be posting and earning STEEM. This post used to be worth 4 liquid steem, now it's worth 6 !

I post once a day, sometimes two. And I will keep posting! A great reminder for all steemians, @raybrockman.

I can talk a glass I to sleep, so posting twice a day is easy. I'm sure I can post 2 quality posts every day

Double session! Amazing that #SSG still has a great deal of content. Perhaps we as a group need to identify other hashtags for the second post?