Round 2 and boy wait till you see this

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Man it was well worth the wait on this next package. Straight from the pouring family of the Vulcans. Here on steemit they are known to go by @mrs-v and @mr-v . No big secret they are part of the Metals Mafia.


Well let's get into this thing, cause the stackitus need to calmed down.


Hold up, I don't really know if y'all can handle this, see @mrs-v does some awesome things with poured silver and this piece I got from her is simply incredible and is very smooth and detailed. I don't even think I have seen hand poured silver this smooth. She obviously spent some time on the piece. Alright I gonna show you but please sit down first.


Now before I give you some closeup shots, this thing weighs in at 2.9 oz and is simply amazing


Badass 2.8 oz Jaguar



Now If you check out METALS MAFIA live on Saturday nights then you may have seen this next piece by the Vulcan aka @mr-v. I had to have this one. Nice wood poured Horseshoe. It's 1.1 oz, here take a look


everyone needs a lucky horseshoe.



Big shout out to @mrs-v and @mr-v awesome job and proud to have both of these pieces in my stack. Now If you are not follow these two steemians then your missing out.

See you one more time today, so stay tunned.

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Very happy you liked them! Nice pictures. Thank you!😁

Glad you got them ok. Thanks Ray. 👍🏻

Jaguar in silver , great .
Thanks for sharing

Very nice jaguar silver . Thanks for sharing

i think steemsilvergold is an exceptional. so i have invested some money in it

how have you invested money?

@owenwat I was wondering the same thing that you were, how did he invest ??

That jaguar is a most beautiful Work of Art . Congrats to Mrs V.

Wow! That jag is bad ass...

That panther looks like it might just come alive and slip away in the middle of the night!

How long until we see "Silver Panther" on the big screen? Haha

Very nice Pours! They both do amazing work!!!

The Jaguars is a killer piece! Both are awesome though!

The details on the jaguar are amazing ... claws, back muscles ... nice :):):)

That jaguar is amazing will have a go have a look if they have a website.

Good job friend

Wow that is amazingly smooth. Such talent! I gotta create some molds and try this myself eventually, I think I'd have a lot of fun making metal Mandalas.

Such a cool piece @raybrockman, love it! You can really tell how much handwork was put into detailing and polishing that jaguar @mrs-v! Beautiful!

Oh YES! Man that MrsV Jaguar is so amazing! I cant believe I dont have one yet! And very cool wood mold horseshoe too! Awesome score brother 👊

i like how you put the jaguar on the scratches on the tabletop it looked good i really need to get some vulcan silver. MrV was the Youtube pourer who started it all really, well him 11Robert11 on youtube and The Kernel at K4 mint. Now there are Dozens. I really want a Vulcan long bar wood pour they are unreal! :)

Wow, that jaguar, though! That's impressive! I wouldn't mind getting my hands on one of those. I gotta keep saving my quarters. :)

Sweet haul.

that is amazing man.

Well done you two, that Jag is superb!

Wow, that jaguar is so cool! Very unique.

Amazing indeed. Heading over to checkout other work you mentioned.

Awesome!!!!! I’m jealous. Thanks for sharing.

Very happy you liked them! Nice pictures. Thank you!😁U5dtSJgHx2KEff3MG3BVi67A9pC8QVo_1680x8400.jpg

@raybockman the Jaguar is a Real Gem and The Horseshoe should give you luck................

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