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Pit-Bullion, Where is he???

in steemsilvergold •  4 months ago

I can remember it like yesterday, @pit-bullion made the leap over to steemit. It seemed like steemit was finally getting some you tubers to join. Well like most new steemit users @pit-bullion had no idea how steemit worked. I can remember he reached out to me in a private message and wanted to know if he could call me, or I calm him. I said sure and before you new it we where talking on the phone about steemit.


I shared some information and a little know how about steemit with him and before you could blink your eyes he had the entire Metals Mafia on steem it. They began posting and really woke up the #steemsilvergold community. In fact @pit-bullion is responsible for more than 20 new steemit members, Now I know 20 doesnt sound like a lot but to get them here and keep them here is a large task.


@pit-bullion is known for his hand poured silver creations. The guy really has a natural talent for pouring silver and is probably one the best poures that I know.

I was fortunate enough to stay kinda close with Pit and we developed a friendship thanks to steemit. We have done a couple of different projects together and the guy has always demonstrated outstanding ethical behavior. I was more then welcomed to have him as part of my steemit family.


Pit has always been a proud humble individule that has always given more than he has taken. Sometimes people let there pride get in the way and slip into the rabbit hole. Sometimes people just need a hand there to help them up.


Now I have stayed in touch with Pit, and unfortunately he is still very proud, but I felt it was time to step in. I mean that is what friends and communities are for, right? Well I talked to Pit today and he finally went to the E.R. and they told him that he was still looking at another 3 months before he would be back to using his arm and elbow. Now there was no way that I could justify raising so much steem and money for different things around steemit and not offer up my assistants to Pit. Naturally he declined, but at this point I wasn't looking for his permission, as I was just basically informing him that I was gonna help.


So I have created a Paypal account for @pit-bullion donations, I want to see how much Money #steemsilvergold can raise to help a member in need. I also understand that as a community we have a lot going on at the moment. I also assure you that #steemsilvergold has always set the example and has always gone above and beyond. All money that is donated will be sent directly to @pit-bullion. I will start the fund out with a $200.00 donation, now at no way should anyone be concerned with how much you are able to donate, any and all donations will be appreciated. This is our time to show the world thay we are a TRUE community.

Here is the paypal link that will take you directly to the account.


For anyone that would like to donate crypto I will covert it to paypal for you. Here is the LTC address


Guys and gals this is the time to show the world that we are what we say we are.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read this post, it was a bit long but needed.

We stack together, We join together, We make a difference together!!

Please resteem this post. All proceeds from this post will be donated to @pit-bullion.

Thanks for time and generosity.



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Jeeez Ray.... Dont even know what to say. Thank You Brother. Its been really hard dealing with this. The pain is just ridiculous and having to sit here all day is maddening. Wouldnt be so bad if it didnt hurt to even touch my phone. I miss posting so much 😥. I have an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon next week and im hoping we can get something done to fix me. Thanks everyone. SSG foe life and as soon as my wings are fixed ill be back postin and pourin!!!!


I told ya: STOP WHACKING OFF!!! 😳😜🤣

Radar love buddy, coming in from above 😎👍


That damn Whackititus!! Get better Pit!


Get better man!

Donated a nice chunk for my boy! 😎 Thanks so much for doing this Ray! It is much needed! Get better soon Pit 😘


Appreciate ya Vessel!

It's not much, but I used that Paypal link. Estimating a few days before it arrives. Thank you for helping Pit, I know medical bills are outrageous. Every little bit helps. @ironshield


Thanks ironshield, appreciate ya


LTC Sent!


Thanks D

I knew he was in pain, but didn't know it was this bad. Time to rally the troops #ssg4life


Ssg4life buddy

Paid 40 USD (name Ron ………). Say hello to him next time.


Thanks goldrooster


So, you are Ron too...


Officially Ronald (my parents tried Ron but it was an abbr, of Ronald so Ronald it had to be. No one called me Ronald ever.

Done. Get better soon @pit-bullion.


Thanks dfinn

Resteemed and sent money to your account. Please check it, for sometimes Paypal is tricky.


Got it, thanks Ron, very generous of you

Sending something over on pay pal, Hope it helps out!

Resteemed also!


Thanks bud, appreciate ya


good man Ray!! u/v, commented and resteemed.


Tha ks for the vote and resteem eagle.

I know PIT will be stronger than ever........


Yeah he will SJ, thanks bud

Sorry, I was late coming in to this post... life just happens, and I needed to be away most of yesterday...
I just sent an amount for @pit-bullion.
Thanks @raybrockman, for doing this.

Thanks for the update @raybrockman. I am sorry to hear it is as bad as it is. In the few dealings I have had with @pit-bullion I know him to be a stand-up guy as well. In addition to the pain and loss of income, I can only imagine how isolated he feels not being able to interact with SSG.
Thanks for setting this up and getting the word out about @pit-bullion. That's true friendship right there.

Dude so wish I could but want nothing but wish nothing but the best for Pit

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wonderful article my friend @raybrockman. Keep Posting.

I haven't got much, but I have my hand and elbow. Sent a little bit, hope it helps.