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My loss is your gain.

Well I have been really quiet over tha past couple of days, and I have been trying to sell off some silver. Well as most of us has experienced a family memeber that just can't seem to get their shit together, @raybrockman is no different, I have a younger brother that will not get his shit together.

So like a fool @raybrockman will help

Sometimes helping ends up hurting you, but what the hell he is my brother and I would expect the same if it was me. So with out going into the shit he wont get together, here is what I have to offer.

250 gram Geigers, I have 8 bars to sell (you know this kills me)

$136 each plus shipping, I will privide shipping if you buy 4 or more

thats at spot, right now apmex has these same bars for $162.00 this will be my last deal at spot.



Payments can be made with SBD, STEEM BITCOIN OR LITECOIN.

if intrested please connect with me in steemut chat

follow me @raybrockman

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

That is a helluva bargain! Holy wow!!!

May have to check back after Thursday...but damn bro, that is taking a hit!

Sent my best ⚡️



Yeah, man. I am done after this. Thanks for the resteem my man.👍

How about getting your brother on Steemit? Feed a man, he'll eat for a day. Teach a man how to fish, and...

That's very kind and generous of you. A good role model. The silver will come back. There a four certainties in life: birth, taxes, death, and you getting all of this silver back again.


It takes a long time to eat on Steemit though....


not always


Somebody just gave you some bread :) That should feed you well.


Hahaha, hell, he doesn't have a smart phone or a computer.


Get him a cheap used iPad with one bar, and with free wifi, he's more than equipped to start. Consider it his way to pay you back.


Look tbh, you can just set up a and deposit 50 dollars into the account. if you enable auto reinvest, it will appreciate to 14k in 124 days. Scam? yes? ponzi scheme? yes, pyramid scheme? yes. but listen that is a tank and a half of gas. It is really the scammiest but if you had to give him 500, or 1k, if he set up 50 dollars of that into something that you basically explain will collapse so take this money and -50 dollars of it in an effort to achieve x. it might be life changing. hopefully for the better. I would not recommend this if money would enable him for bad lifestyle choices though, especially if those lifestyle choices is why he needs help in the first place. anyways, not to support scams and schemes but feasibly speaking, it a potential say, 14k in 124 days with a tank and a half of gas. no better way to teach a man to fish than allow him to buy a boat with a can of worms.

You're a hellva brother! Here's hoping karma doubles your silver.

Hi Ray, I just messaged you on Chat. I'm interested in buying one of those bars. Hit me back when you get a chance. No hurry but I want to get one before they're gone! It's always nice to buy AT spot! what a deal!!

Awesome and very generous deal!! These will go quick. Resteemed to my 3700 followers.

Rough man I cant buy a bar, but I can provide an upvote. Heres to the day were all whales and one upvote from all of us would be all the help you need.

Like a fool? Naive if you were not helping a family member that couldn't get the shit together, but helping a family member is helping yourself. So long as they do not start expecting the help as a means of survival alone.


This is true, however there is a very fine line between the 2. Family is what you have and I believe that every good that is done will come back to you at some point. Thanks for stopping by


we mean the precisely the same thing. Helping family should not be deemed by you as "being a fool", but being a good brother. I just meant that it is bad if he expects you and others to always bail him out of trouble, and continues down the same path.

Did you sell them all??


Yes sir I gave them all away, lol


and gave them all away is the correct term here!! haha #FireSale

Nice Geigers. Hope things workout You and your Brother. He will get it together. He needs You. You are the Man. Good Luck.

I know this is probably rough for you to be offing some beloved pieces but I can completely understand when it comes to family. I'll be sure to resteem but with the #steemsilvergold community I don't think you will have much trouble unloading bars at spot ;)

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All the best for your sales. Hope you get the best deal

Best wishes to your family. I'd take advantage of that deal if I was liquid right now. Just dumped some money into Ripple.

I would buy all, but It's a pity that the transoceanic shipping cost might be more expensive than the silver itself :(


Consider a pegged asset like the price of silver on bitshares. This way you are exposed to the price of the asset, without having to own the physical property.

How do I connect with you?


In steemit chat

It must feel like donating a kidney unloading your silver, you sound like an awesome brother good on you mate, cheers.