Monster Raffle 4! Do you have what it takes?

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Well we are quickly closing in on the @monster-raffle. Ticket sales are going great and this week should be impressive.


Now its no big surprise that my partners from another mother do a lot of work behind the scenes. Really alot more than anyone outside the group could imagine. The respect these guys have for the #steemsilvergold community is nothing short of amazing.


We started the Monster Raffle a little over a year ago, our intent was to use it as a community builder and most importantly a way to give back to the community. The proceeds from the Raffle go right back to the community. With out the raffle the return on the Precious vote would be a little less then impressive. Trust me when I say @welshstacker knows where every single steem has gone too and exactly how much we need to continue giving the ROI that precious gives.



With out you, there would be no Monster-raffle. So with that being said, THANK YOU. This raffle will be successful once again because of you, to all the newbies to the group that have donated, thanks for having the confidence in our community.

I am sitting this one out!


Now before anyone says anything, I am only sitting out of having my name in the raffle. There are some reasons for this that can be explained. I won 2 many prizes on the last raffle is the main reason. The second reason is this I want to increase every new members chance of winning something and the last reason is one the group shares, it simply because of the shipping. Now let me explain this a little bit, lets take for instance that @buggedout buys a ticket and wins a 1 oz prize from someone in the US, well that person will now have to pay more in shipping then what the prize is worth. Not wanting to put any burdens on anyone, this is one of the main reason that most of the @ssg-community group has not gone crazy on ticket buys. Make no mistake about it tho, it doesn't mean we aren't crazy. Infact check this out..


From this point on, all tickets bought will be matched by me on a 2 to 1 ratio, so if you buy 10 I will donate 5 to you. Max will be set at 10 per person that buys tickets, so basically if you by 20,I'll give you 10. Once my contribution hits 150sbd it will close and no other matches will be made. You will also need to add a screen shot in this post of your ticket buy. So there you have it, @raybrockman will give away 150 tickets between now and Friday Night.

Remember to send sbd to @monster-raffle

Like the famous @thedamus says.... you can't win if you don't buy any tickets.

Proud supporter of #steemsilvergold


Proud member of the @ssg-community group.


In this world, you have to give more than you take!!!



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Just bought 100

🤑🤑big timing it, thanks dkid14, i will add another 20 to your total. The limit was 10 but I will make an exception for you😉

Boom! Thank you!

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Hope im not to late to get a free entry. Unfortunately I had recently powered up so I didn't have any sbd except for a small payout from a post today. But hey, a free ticket is a free ticket, I can't complain :0) Thanks @raybrockman!

Thanks hippie, got you added for 1 more!

Brought me outta left field for this one. Thanks for the reminder.


🤑 thanks hippie, I'll get 10 more added to your name.

Mighty Generous of you Ray Ray. I'll claim 10 if they are still available. But I'd like to try to pay it forward and have the 10 tickets divided out to members who have not been able to afford to buy tickets. I've been out of touch with the pulse of the community of late, but I imagine you can think of worthy people to receive these tickets, so Dealers choice. I'm stopping at 100 tickets this time around.... that's crazy enough for me!

Thanks Mike, I gotta ya another 10, thanks buddy.

I know that @saffisara didnt have enough to buy tickets this year! she is one of the most generous people in the silver community - maybe you could give a few to her?? :)

sorry - i thought we had to have 20 total - to get an extra 10 from you! hehehe

so disregard the whole picture and just notice the most recent purchase :)

thanks @raybrockman! see you tomorrow!!!!

Awesome, I'll get you 5 more added.

wooooot! :) thanks!!!

This is amazing of you to do. And you can count me in.

Awesome, thanks VG your in for another 10!

Okay Ray I'll put in what I can afford

Well I'll add 1 more to it, thanks

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You are going to boost my tickets! Well I was going to buy more anyway, but I won't turn down freebies!

PS, let me know if you need a better screenshot...


It is the last one at the top...

Your in for 10 thanks bengy!

No, thank you!

Ray you rock!! Your not sitting it out, you were the first 3 prizes donated, and your giving 159 tickets away!!?! You are in too deep!!

If there are any left, I might swoop up some bonus shares later tonight.

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Better hurry, that 150 is going quick!

Nice one @raybrockman

Leading from the front yet again!

🤑😉 thanks bugged!!!

I’ll take a free five Ray.

You in for another 5 d510, thanks

Wow, that is really awesome of you! I dont have any liquid steem right now but i should have a decent payout tomorrow so hopefully this is still available then. Either way it is extremely generous of you! :0)

Thanks hippie, hope you make it in time.

What a nice offer! You made me go dig out my password and get into my wallet. I wish it was that hard to spend my fiat lol!
20190618_154006 (2).jpg

Thanks fishy!! Your in for 5 more!!!

Thank you, Ray!

Wow Ray! That is indeed mighty generous of you.
Viva SSG 👊😎

Thanks brother!!!

Thanx Ray hope I am in time obviously just bought 10 at the top 🤗

Awesome your in for 5 more thanks dwings!!!!

Always upping the bad-assery. Super generous.

Thanks @dfinney!!+

Thanks for everything you are doing! Just got my first 6 tickets =D
Screenshot 2019-06-19 at 12.35.08 AM.png

Awesome, your in for 3 more thanks kouloumos!

Hello again :) I don't know if you can, but I just bought 3 tickets for saffisara... don't know if you're able to add in another for her if you've still got space? Evie xx

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Sure can I will add her 2 more tickets, thays mighty nice of you.. thanks

Aw thank you so much 🤗 that's really kind x

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@raybrockman you rockman. I bought 8 more.


Thanks Jon, you got another 4 as well!

I would be crazy to not get in on something like this. Just bout 4 more tickets.

Awesome, thanks KS ypu got 2 on me!

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Your either a crazy SOB are a genius. Just got 50 tickets. Put me 10 on reserve bro and i'll do a giveaway on the morrow from CBS to it's followers :D

You got it sicko, thanks I will add you 10 more...

Awesome my man.

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You're so generous! I've just emptiednmy SBD piggy and bought 4 more :)

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Thanks eveningart, I'll add 2 more!

Thank you so much x

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