Little unboxing !! 😁

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Well a couple of days ago, actually I think it was Wednesday. I got a PM from @silverd510, he showed me a picture of a new round, now most people would appreciate that. For him and I it was disappointing. See we both have been collecting the 5 oz American Western Skulls collection and Osbourne Mint stated that there would be 6 coins in the series. So @silverd510 started doing his magic on some wood for a display case. So to say the least we where disappointed to find out there was a seventh one.


Now I will have to tell you that I Have been taking hammer's pick of the week and doing a little buying. Some of the items he showcases are a little higher premium but well worth it


So lets see what we got


Now when I saw this first round, I had to have it. Not necessarily for myself but as a gift to a close friend and long time Steemian.😁


It is the 1oz proof Tuvalu Deadpool round, now I wish I would have ordered 2. This thing has some serious detail and mirror finish to it.


Next up is a @silver-hammer pick of the week and this one is something special as well, they did not have this in a proof but I am sure they will eventually. It is the 1 oz Trivium Girls.


Another Silver Shield creation and the detail is pretty good, I think it would look much better in a proof or antiqued.


Then Lastly is the trouble maker, it is a 5oz Antiqued American Western Skulls Gambler. Now even tho I am a little upset with Osborne Mint, I love this Round.


With a mintage of only 150, which is 100 less than the first 6 in this series, puts this coin almost into the rare category. Now to clear up some massive confusion for this coin, it does still have the Fried Eagle on the Obverse. There are some pictures floating around the Web showing it with some snakes in the place of the Eagle.


Now I was able to get intouch with Ken From Osborne Mint. We had A nice little chat about the series and of course I had to ask him how many rounds where gonna be in the series. His answer was as follows " there where only supposed to be 6 rounds in the series, then JMBullion asked Me to Produce 2 more rounds exclusively for them. So there will be the Gambler and the Indian Warrior, each one will have a special mint mark and the Mintage has been reduced on each one".


Wouldn't you know Ken was right, there is the skull mint mark that is not on the other 6.

So if you are collecting the American Western Skull series the last 2 rounds are only available through JMbullion and they have a very low mintage, so dont miss out. Here is the link right here

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Y'all keep stackin, cause I am😎👊


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I see that our talk about weight stacking was as convincing for you as it was for me!


😏 slipping, I am a recovering kickass round addict and some time I relapse....

I'm in a hotel with piss poor WiFi so I can't see any of the pictures.... I'm guessing they look great what ever it is you picked up.

That sucks, but yeah they do

I was just as shocked as you were. But I had to let you know since you are the one that turned me on to them. But I am back to the drawing board on the cases for us. Dammit....

You can do it!!!! 🤣🤣 thanks for heads up buddy!

WOW, beautiful pickups, @raybrockman! They are sure worth the premiums. I love that privy mark on the 5 oz round!

Hey, now you know how many there are going to be, so you can plan ahead. Is there a way for you to reserve the other special one that's coming since you already bought this one?

They are all very nice buys Ray! I have enjoyed see all the posts about the Western Skulls series.

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold