High 5ing it!

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You want 5, you got it!


Ready for your next 5 facts about silver? Well these 5 are a little different and intresting.


  • Silver is mentioned in the bible. Psalm 12:6


  • The Greek Goddess Artemis rode a silver chariot through the sky shooting silver moonbeams to earth with a silver bow.


  • In 2003 the UK minted 500,000 ounces of Silver into coins and medals.


  • Silver iodide has been used to make clouds produce rain in an attempt to control Hurricanes.


  • There is no word in the English language that rhymes with silver. Seriously try it.

Stay tuned for tomorrows gimme 5!

Until then, keep stacking my friends!


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Thanks for the high-5!

Damn, that picture of Artemis is giving me Stackitis....or something ;)


She'll do it every time, thanks for stopping by brother.

I love this post! My last name rhymes with silver....silver... saver, LOL!!!

Very witty of you Ray...👍


Thanks d510😁

I'm enjoying this series on facts about silver. I tried to think of a word that rhymed, but came up short. You stumped me. I do know that I want more of it!


Thanks buddy

Like it a lot! Even though “orange” doesn’t fit.



Don’t let them pilfer your silver


Ahhhh... Mr. Warn, that is very close.

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I ran outside to see the silver moonbeams of the Greek Goddess Artemis

Beautiful look super👌

If Artemis looks like the picture, I can't even imagine Afrodite...

I did not know about some of these little facts. Super interesting Ray!

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold