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I always try and find some cool facts about silver. Well over the past week I have done a lot of reading about silver, here are some facts that I did not know about.


Fact 1


The silver compound Silver Iodile (Agl) Is used in cloud seeding to produce rain

Fact 2


In ancient Egypt and Medieval Europe, silver was often more valuable than gold.

Fact 3


Silver is being put into paper used in the medical professions because of its antibiotic-like characteristics.

Fact 4


The transitional lenses in your glasses are made with Silver Halide, the lenses can change light transmissiin from 96% to 22% in less than a minute and effectively block 97% of damaging UV rays from sunlight.

Fact 5


Silver is the metal of the Moon.

Fact 6


King Henry II coined the first Silver currency in England around year 1158

Fact 7


About 1/3 of the silver produced world wide is used in Photography.

What do you know about Silver?

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Nice post man. Surprised I actually knew a few of these 😀

Thanks for letting me know those facts that to be honest, I didn't heard or read before.

Silver is more valuable than, most people realize.

#7, Had No idea. Great post Ray! Learned something new today which is always a Good Thing... Think I'm gonna break my cameras apart now...lol

Nice Article. Very interesting tid bits about Silver. Thanks for the share. Resteemed for you. Cheers.

Great facts! i didnt know any of that, i know they impregnate hospital gowns with silver because its antibiotic, so is the moon made of silver? im gona look that one up now :)


Hahaha.. I think he means silver is the metal of the moon as in it represents the moon. Just like garnet is the gem stone of January. Well I hope that's what he means or if the moon is made of silver, it could really bring down the price!!

There are tens of thousands of uses for silver, which is why it should be worth far more than it is! One day the manipulated price won't be able to sustain itself and we'll see it's true value realised

Add to list - Massive Vertical Silver Veins some kilometres long once existed in abundance in the area now called the Grand Canyon until freakish electrical storms found the quickest routes to (-)ground, once electrified the silver was super heated and exploded out sections of the rock - thus forming the grand canyon.

Cool silver facts. Esp interesting that it’s being put in paper in the medical field. You know that silver is never going to be recovered.

Silver has its own country. The Latin name of the metal is argentum. Argentina is translated as "the land of silver". But despite such a poetic name, there is practically no precious metal in the country. Unlike neighboring Peru, where more than a thousand metric tons of silver are mined annually.

Great post...

All facts are true

Hi Ray,

Salutations! JaiChai here.

RE: Your Post

"The Wagon Trail" families on their way to settle the West would put a silver coin in their milk containers to prolong its drinkable time span (shelf life).

The most expensive component of the majority of photovoltaic cells (solar cells) is silver.

Namaste, my friend.



I still do that. I put a silver coin into the jar of the water filter, the coffee machine and the water kettle.

Great post Ray. I love learning new fax.