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With the all time high of Bitcoin, I figured it was a good time to pull some profits and make a silver order.


Well Apmex got this package to me in less than 24 hours, which is amazing in itself..


It's all about the skulls.

Lets take a look


Mk Barz 2 oz Buccaneer


Limited Edition, #59 of 500 not to bad

Next up


Mk Barz 4 oz Hex Grim Reaper


Limited Edition #3 of 500, Excellant number

Next Up


Mk Barz 1.5 oz Pharaoh skull


Limited Edition #9 of 500, another good number. This one may end up going back. I believe that it may be a error pour, you see they did not stamp the 1.5 berfore the TR OZ. We will see if its worth more because of the error then its mine if not its going back.

Last but the best


YPS 2 oz Jolly Roger


Over the past few order I have really taken to poured silver over your regular bullion bars and rounds.


POURED OR BULLION? whats your favorite?

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Great pieces Ray! And i love that you’ve gone full on crypto-beast-mode!!!

Rulz Ballz Mofo!

Still working on po, jaxx wallet has been acting weird after i updated it. DON’T UPDATE!

However, if you download jaxx to your pc you may have some bch. Any btc you had in Jaxx prior to August 1st will yield equal amoubt of bch!

Hell yea! So damn cool turning crypto into Ag!
I generally prefer Bullion, but I do love some nice poured stuff

Crypto is about all I buy silver with now. Thanks fkr stopping buddy.

wow really nice coin super collection..

Nice strategy, buy low (silver) sell high (bitcoin). Nice pick ups.

Its a win, win. Thanks buddy

wow, those are fricken sweet! Nice grabs and good call on the highs just before the dips! love it when my friends come out on top like that :)

Thanks buddy, anytime you buy silver or gold, you will come out on top😎👊

Absolutely! i was just saying that today. silver is so ridiculously under priced it seems like im stealing it at $17 oz spot. I always feel like I'm winning when I buy silver :)

Under $17. Is a steal,,, just made another order myself. Your right about stealing it and feeling good.... thanks dude.

Very nice collection of Silver Skulls...

Your thanks have been received and welcomed... I'm not sure how I missed it for 2 days...

Amazing coin really nice.....I like it.thx for share😍

Nice post! Have ordered from APMEX on numerous occasions. They have yet to disappoint. As for me, I'm just a newbie. Starting with some bars and a bit of coins

😎👊 we where all newbies before. How long have you had the fever??

first purchase was a year ago, took a long break...but have the bug for sure now

Nice coins! It seem that everyone here is in agreement that you do not sell your silver to buy Cryptos. it's the other way around. You sell Cryptos to buy silver

Thats right, atleast for me.. thanks buddy

Love the new silver you got. Really like how pirates and silver go together like a kid and his ice cream. I've been waiting on taking profits. If it hits $11,000 again or gets close and starts to drop I may put a sell order in at the $10k mark to buy some steem.

Very cool YPS piece. I do a little pouring myself. You will see me around. Im giving steemit another chance lol

Thanks buddy, I will make sure to add you to my steem voter.

Thank You Ray

Very nice I really like the Reaper hex bar! And low numbers is a nice bonus :-)

Yeah I was happy with number 3.. thanks buddy.

Nice pieces man! I'm really starting to get into poured silver it's so cool.

waoooooooo amazing but looking beautiful coin

A lot of those pieces are nice .my wife is really in to Egyptian art and really wanted to know do you choose the pieces or do they just send you what they have. Im asking because i didnt see a link but i will look again. Thanks for the pictures

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Beautiful coins

It's a very old and priceless artwork thank you for sharing

wow,,, that's a great post.....

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Very smart move. If I wasn't so late to the crypto game I'd be doing the same thing.

i like your post about coin & up voted this post

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Do you have a adress for me where I can take a look for that stuff? Great idea to sell limited art ounces.. never heard of something like that before. Greetings, Silbart.

That's a Very nice collection of Silver Skulls @raybrockman ☝👍

I prefer bullion also, but the skulls are too cool! I think it's time to step out of my comfort zone and enter the realm of poured silver. Thanks for sharing your newest additions!

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Amazing silver coins friend

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