Where does the STEEM SILVER ROUND go from here?

Now I do not want to fuel the fire of Speculation, but one can't help at times. I had always thought that the Steem Silver Round project would do atleast 4 releases of a new round. I am sure I am, just like everyone else just over thinking this "Tron Buys Steem" thing but just like all of you I have some serious thought and concerns. We'll talk about them in a later post. But what I can tell you is this, it will always be the steem silver round, not the Tron silver round. It will always be #steemsilvergold, not #tronsilvergold. Anyways lets get on to some good news.


About 4 days ago I was able to get the Steem Silver Round website verified by brave, so that the site could recieve tips that would be used to lower the cost of the next released steem silver round.

Well I am happy to report that the tips and referrals are coming in strong.


We are currently up to 75 BAT worth of tips and have 9 referrals worth a potential $53.00.


Now one thing I did not know is this, you have to use a upload wallet to move your Brave rewards to but also in this wallet members of the brave community can send a direct tip to you.


So as you can see we have recieved over $50 worth of direct tips. Which is pretty freaking amazing.

So if my Math holds true, we are currently sitting at $125 which equals 7 oz of silver at current spot price.

Now @yabapmatt recommended doing a weekly post and donating the rewards from the post to the steem round. I will try and get this started next week, unless there is an awesome member that would like to be in charge of the weekly post. The post will come from the @steem4steemround account, you would also beable to send steem donations directly to this account as well.

Now for a little Surprise News and I will just leave a picture and see if you can figure out what is coming


Proud member of #steemsilvergold


Proud member of @ssg-community


Thanks for stopping by




That's funny, the first thing I thought of was 2020 Steem Round. Not sure where this Tron thing is taking us, but will listen to AMA and make decision to power down or not after that. I've been very vocal about my dislike for Sun/Tron, but then again I haven't heard alot of good things about Ned....we'll see.

I am with you on this, not sure where this path will take us. Really not sure how long the STEEM rally will hold up. Thanks @spicyer 😎🍺

I am having issues claiming my bat tokens but when i get my wallet situation figured out I will be upping my bat monthly payment to help support this awesome project. Just out of curiosity, what are you doing with all the donations you are/will be receiving for this project?

All of the donations will go to the next Steem Silver Round. This should reduce the cost for everyone significantly. Thanks Hippie!

Thats what I figured.. I know you always take care of the #steemsilvergold community and steemians in general so I wasn't concerned about it, like I said, just curious ;) Thanks for getting back to me so quick. Take care friend.

I now have a Brave account and signed up using your link from your other post. I have a zero balance, but want to donate... hopefully soon!

I'm setup on brave, using your referral, and hope this makes a massive impact on the 2020 STEEMsilverround

Excellent work Ray looking forward to tipping as soon as the next month deposit !!😀🤗

Using Brave, I set the rate of 5 adds per hour. What does it mean? I think I received one or two ads in the last few days. That way it will take months to receive enought BATs to tip...

The more you click and view your ads, the more you will get. It will start adding uo pretty quick, also make sure that anytime you need to search something m, use the brave sesrch engine.

Thank you, my friend!

Gonna have to figure out this Brave thing to help out.
My guess is the RPS is a token you are starting.

Close, but no! Think a little easier

Ray's Pawn Shop????

I downloaded Brave on my phone and my daughters using your link.👍

That is so awesome about the Brave Rewards thing! My wallet is currently empty, but at the end of the month, I too shall contribute. I am glad you never gave a thought to changing the name. Have a wonderful night, @raybrockman!

Fantastic @raybrockman and I am Going to send One more BAT Token Now........
You can support this content creator by sending a tip. It’s a way of thanking them for making great content. Verified creators get paid for their tips during the first week of each calendar month.

You can also set a monthly recurring contribution from within the Brave Rewards panel.

So much uncertainty with the whole TRON announcement. As someone
What has been involved in all of the #steemsilverround issues I would love it to continue. I guess only time will

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