2019 Steem Silver Round

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2019 Steem Silver Round

Well the time has come to close out the entry period for the 2019 Steem Silver Round. There has been a lot of really awesome entries.


So where do we go from here? Well it's time for the final clean up. All entries will be given 2 weeks to get there designs cleaned up and ready for a proper presentation post. At that point we will start the voting process. Voting process will run for 7 days.

Once the voting process is over we will open up the pre-sale window. After the pre-sale ends we will make a decision on what the mintage should be, we will also try and lock in the spot price.


The 2019 Steem Silver Round will be individually numbered and will include a matching COA just like the previous 2 releases in this series. We will also provide the opportunity for you to prove ownership on Rounds numbered below 125, this will allow you to recieve the same numbered round for this release.

So here is what everyone has been waiting for! Here is a list of all entries.

Design by @knowledge-seeker

Designed by @thedamus

Designed by @welshstacker

Designed by @themanwithnoname

Designed by @fat-elvis

Designed by @silverstackeruk

Designed by @jorundon

Designed by @edxserverus

Designed by @edxserverus

Designed by @edxserverus

Designed by @dfinney

Screenshot_20190413-072152_Samsung Internet.jpg
Designed by @dfinney

Screenshot_20190413-072217_Samsung Internet.jpg
Designed by @dfinney

Screenshot_20190413-072231_Samsung Internet.jpg
Designed by @dfinney

I hope that I have not missed anyone, I have checked the discord channel, #steemsilverround2019 and #steemsilverround. If anyone has been missed please reach out to me in discord.

* designers, you have 2 weeks to clean up your designs and post a final entry. Over all design can not be changed only enhanced.

Contest entry time has expired, there will be no new entries allowed after today!

Special thanks to @sevinwilson!! We wouldn't be here with out you!!

Keep stacking!!!!



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Can't wait to see the final choices.. .........and get my pre order in.. I want #420

Baaaha, great choice!

I’m liking these designs a lot! I’m pumped this is continuing!! Can’t wait to see how these get enhanced!

I like several of these designs. I can't wait to see the next level of the designs.

Shut up and take my money!

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Did I hear someone is giving out money?


Lmao right??

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Very nice sessions by all! I got my favorites picked out for the voting round!!

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Great designs by everyone. Looking forward to voting and seeing the 2019 round take shape. Until the it's, "time to stack"! :)

Agree. Hope the spirit/style of the first two years comes back in the winning design this year.

Oh, this is going to be too tough to just choose one!

hell yes, wow, amazing job everyone ! always awesome !

Some real talent here on the blockchain!!!

I want #84! And whatever other numbers I get. But I have the 2017 and 2018 #'s 0084 and get a post up for ya in a bit. When do sales go up?

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@raybrockman, Wow, great submissions and let's hope that some of these design will going to converted into the Physical form. Great work.

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Those are some really cool designs. I'm really curious which one will make it :)

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Another year has passed by, so glad to see all the nice designs.

Ohhhhhh!!! I see my absolute favorite!!! Can't wait to vote!!!

Nice work by everyone!! This will be a tough decision. @raybrockman in your post you mention being able to buy rounds under number 125. For those of us that have '17 and '18 rounds of the same number above 125, will we also be able to lock those in?

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Two weeks, got it! Good luck to all those with designs!

I love the 2018 coin I have, but I couldn't get the number I wanted. Maybe this time I will. From the ones above, the Community Rising one is my favorite!

Excited for the 2019 Steem Silver round. Interesting designs... Shall be looking at the presentation posts - - that should also help me on my vote. ☺️

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I like a couple of them. I can’t wait to see them finished up.