OMG! My Largest Coinstar Machine Score Yet!

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They say good things come to those who wait. Apparently I have waited long enough.

After having a month or so of coinstar discard tray searches offer up nothing shiny short of pocket lint, I have struck the motherlode.

I am not making this up, look at this fist full of coinage!


💰 💰 💰

This is hands down the most coinage I've ever found and I couldn't wait to get this home to go through. Here's what it ended up being:

$5.21 CAD

$0.12 US

10p (10 pence)

Now, I was really hoping to find some silver and after looking carefully at all the coins and dates I found a 1968 Canadian dime! This might be silver!

Some of these are 50% silver and 50% copper, while others are 99.9% nickel. There are a few ways to find out what one of these is made of and one way is to simply weigh the coin.

If it's 2.33 grams then you've got a 50% silver dime! If it's 2.0 grams even it's 99.9% nickel.

Let's weigh this thing and find out!


Ugh... 😔 well no silver today, but what a haul of coins! 🤑

It would have been icing on the cake to find silver, but I'm not knocking this score! When do you ever find over $5 bucks in coins just waiting to be picked up?! I can answer that based on my lifetime so far: just once!

If you're out there checking coinstar machines and haven't found anything yet, my advice is to keep checking them! The persistence pays off, believe me!

That's all I've got for today, great way to start the weekend. Happy Friday!

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Hahaha... someone unloaded coins that the machine did not take! Good for you! GREAT HAUL, @plaid!

What the machine doesn't take I gladly pocket! Thanks for the comments @silversaver888!

Congrats on the score @plaid! I have only found a regular coin every now and then, but I am going to keep my eye out for my score. Haha!

Thanks a lot @knowledge-seeker! All I can say is keep checking those machines! I had almost 2 months of searching empty trays come to an end with this find... so it's persistence that pays off!

Ive found 136 pounds over the last 4 years just from dropped coins on pavements, similar thing i guess \o/

I pick up coins on the pavement too! Definitely in the same vein... I don't find much though, nothing like this score at the coinstar machine! thanks for the comments @coindevil!

Great little score. I love raiding the coinstars

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Thanks man! Apart from finding zero silver, this was by far my best score yet!

$5 and most of in Canadian. What an odd coinstar leftover.

But YAY free money!

It was bizarre! I couldn't believe it when I first saw that many coins sitting in there. I waited around for a few minutes because I thought someone must be coming back for this... nobody came... all for me!

Nice Score @plaid!
I'm behind a few months on this myself, doesn't mean that I don't have results. Eventually I'll get to my September, October, and a decent start on my November with more than $4 already.

Thanks @kerrislravenhill! Can't wait to see your spoils! Speaking of spoils, maybe you can give us a spoiler of your findings... have you found any silver in the last few months!?

Nope, not even junk silver jewelry at my thrift store searches.
Lots of coins from the Compass fare machines though.

No silver; September, October, and November.

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