Monarch Precious Metals - October Only! Reaper Tombstone Silver Bar!

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Monarch Precious Metals makes some pretty cool shiny! This is a special October only silver bar that they're selling right now! Each bar is 1.5 troy ounces of pure .999 fine silver. They're not putting any kind of mintage numbers on these, but they are going to be a bit rare simply because they're only making and selling them this month!

Check them out here!

I'm seriously considering one of these... I like the work Monarch does and they tend to makes some great Halloweenish themed silver. I'm not certain but this might be the piece they're doing this year instead of a Grim Reaper round. If that's the case, I'll have to pick one of these up.

What do you think? Will you be buying one of these beauties?


I reached out to Monarch for further info on this bar and whether they would be releasing a Grim Reaper round this year. Here is the response I received :

Monarch decided to put out a Grim Reaper bar this year instead of a 1
oz round. Depending on the reception to the bar, we may stick with it
for 2020, or go back to a 1oz round (or possibly both) but for now
there are definitely plans to put out some sort of new Grim Reaper
product each year.

So, there you have it! It looks like this will be the only Grim Reaper themed October silver this year!

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These are right up my alley but Monarch still doesn't ship to Canada. I hope one of Canadian E-tailers will carry it even after Halloween.

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Oh no! That sucks... well hopefully you can find one. Good luck on your search!

Oh no! That sucks... well
Hopefully you can find one.
Good luck on your search!

                 - plaid

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That is pretty sweet. Probably going to have to order one for my stack. Monarch makes some really cool products.

Yes they do... My only criticism of them is I wish they offered free shipping after a certain dollar amount. Like, after your order reaches $50 bucks or something. I keep going back and forth on this bar... I might get one, I might not. I can't decide!

@plaid I have Never Bought any of These but yes the mintages probably will be low. I have not followed them in the secondary market but I am sure they have done well........

Hey @stokjockey! I have last year's Grim Reaper round and was excited for one to come out this year, but it looks like they decided to mix it up this year with a bar instead. I haven't checked the secondary market for these kinds of items from Monarch either. I'm with you though, I would think they'd do well!

I saw this in my email last night. I like how it looks a bit like an ancient relic.

On it's own, it's cool... but I can't help but be a bit disappointed, knowing that they're not releasing a round this year!

Maybe you could hammer it into a circular shape? 😉