Feather Coin - Royal Canadian Mint

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Just last week this coin was released that has a very unique design.
It's a feather shaped $20 dollar coin and it's 1 oz of pure silver!

Have a look at the design!



The design contains an engraved eagle head in the Northwest Coast formline style. On the flip side, there's the standard effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.

The coin was listed for $149 dollars and with a mintage of only 3,000.
Of course, they sold out instantly...

I love this design but I can't imagine paying $150 bucks for 1 ounce of silver right now. I'm sure this thing is bound to be worth some money some day due to it's unique design and low mintage but... damn! $150 bucks!


What do you all think of this design?

Would you have paid the high premium to get one of these?

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I love the design, and think it's amazing, but if I am going to pay 150/oz I will get something custom hand made by an artist on I like.

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Great point! If you're getting something custom made by an artist, it's a bit easier to justify that premium! Thanks for the support and comments @senstless!

I love this. It is soooo PNW!

Alas.... $150....

Neat! Very interesting to look at and ponder. However, I'm not sure I would've paid $20 for it so $150 is [insert your own word here]. The design and detail aren't THAT impressive. Yeah, there are only 3k of them but that only holds a little extra weight in my willingness to pay any premium.
Thanks for sharing.

Haha! To each their own! I would pay $20 for it no doubt... but $150?!?
Thanks for the comments @mprgrmmr!

I like it. I really like Haida art. So this is cool, not sure If pay 150 though

It's a great design for sure! It's a shame it was so limited... and so expensive, but I suppose those two often go hand in hand. Thanks for the comments @fat-elvis!

I love the design. It is beautiful. Why can’t they just call that what it is, and reserve the term coin to the round shaped denominated metals?

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I thought it was a bit strange too, but that's what they called it! A feather coin... haha! It would make more sense explaining it to someone as a silver feather, but whatevs. Thanks for the comments @silversaver888!