Coinstar Machines - Another Score

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I've been searching the coinstar machines every time I see one and recently I had a close call. Last week I saw an older man going through the process of dumping a bucket of coins in the machine. I figured I'd do my business in the store and check back later. As I was walking away, I heard the sound of a few coins dropping into the discard tray and it sounded a lot like SILVER!

I looked back and sure enough it was a loud enough sound that the old man leaned over and noticed he had several coins dropping into the discard slot. He scooped them all out, and shoved them in his pocket. No score on that one.

However today was a different story. I was actually shopping and about to leave the store when i realized I hadn't taken a look in the coinstar machine, so I walked over and peaked. There it was, I finally got another score at a coinstar machine. It wasn't much, just one coin and unfortunately not silver but it was fun to find it and the hunt continues!

Here's what I found :

  1. Canadian dime (10 cents) dated 1991.
    Composition : 99.9% nickel .







Have you had any luck with the coinstar machines like myself or master coinstar machine plunderer @kerrislravenhill? Let me know in the comments!

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Nice try. I've been fortunate with other vending machines but still getting the Goose egg on the Coinstar with one more look tomorrow morning and then get to summarize my skimpy August report.

Thanks... I'm striking out all the time, but I keep hunting! Looking forward to your post!