Coinstar Machine Score!

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I've been patiently searching the discard tray in coinstar machines whenever I'm out and about (and happen to see one near by... let's get that straight, I'm not going out of my way at all really, haha).

Today, I happened upon a small treasure of discarded coins. Let's have a look at what I found!

  1. US Nickel (5 cents) dated 2005.





  1. US Wheat Penny (1 cent) dated 1941.





Nice! I found a wheat penny!!! But still...

Ack! No silver once again... but I've got to say finding SOMETHING is enough to keep me going. I'll continue the hunt and hope for many silver monies next time...

Do you check coinstar machines? Have you had any luck? Let me know in the comments!

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And I was hoping to see a Silver score, the consolation prize keeps us going.

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Obviously I was hoping for the silver score too!!! When I saw some shiny sitting in there I grabbed it, stuffed it in my pocket, and walked away... I told myself to check later. Then I started thinking about how I knew I saw something 'silver' in there... I couldn't wait any longer.... I looked right after that. I was about ten steps away. :)

Great score! My dear [email protected] makes regular trips to the coinstar machines in her area and is as lucky as you are. Hopefully one of you will find not only silver but GOLD !!!😀

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Yes, @kerrislravenhill is my mentor when it comes to coinstar machine plundering and other treasure hunting... She's awesome!

What you found, will soon become Six Cents in U.S. "Sound Money"...

It will have the same "Spending Power" as Six Dollars has today...
September 28, 2019... 7.0 Hollywood time...

Wish it would have been silver, but finding anything (even a penny) keeps me searching!
Thanks for the comments @pocketechange!

I always glance down, when I walk by one of those Coin Star Machines...
September 28, 2019... 18.0 Hollywood Time...

But have you ever checked the coinstar machine and found magic beans? 😍🤤

I bought a can of beans (two actually) right after this... does that count? :)

I have consulted with the *Magic Bean Counsil”. Your purchase does qualify! 😂😂

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