My favorite silver piece!

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It’s been a while since I showed off this beauty and @generation.easy is hosting a fun giveaway of you show off your favorite piece of silver.

It’s quite hard to pick just one favorite and of course there is something special about creating and minting your own silver rounds, like we did with our Temptation of the Succubus silver rounds but believe it or not I don’t consider it to be my very favorite.


Of course it’s amazing and something so personal about what it represents and our logo


But my favorite piece is actually this wood poured maple leaf!


This was commissioned and sold by a close friend Canadian Silver Saver, and poured my @mr-vulcan. It’s a third pour in a wood mold so it came out heavy and will some really unique and deep details. There’s just something so amazing about a wood pour and it’s my recent obsession in the silver world.


Hoped you liked the show and be sure to check out @generation.easy’s contest and all the other amazing posts over at #steemsilvergold

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I have always been intrigued by silver. I would like to move some of my crypto profits into silver coins. Do you know of a service that will allow me to buy silver with BTC?


JM Bullion accepts Bitcoin. Another company is APMEX. Both of these companies are totally legit. I've bought bullion from them dozens of times and the product has always been real. If your going to purchase coins and you want to make sure they are real thing, the coin should be in a holder graded by NGC or PCGS. I'd would just stick with NGC certified coins. Hope this information is helpful to you.


Yeah, pretty much what he said, If your in Canada like me, that would be your go to place. I believe they also ship worldwide as well.

I’ll always upvote silver stories or photos. I think I’ll alwats be a silver stacker!


How can you not be. It's all just so amazing and holds it's value, what better thing to collect.

Both pieces that you showed are very beautiful, each on its own kind.

Never heard of a wood pour before, it really looks amazing!

Thanks for showing your pieces - I need to get myself one of those succubus coins.


Thanks for the fun contest/event man!
The wood pours really are incredible, and it's worth watching the process if you head over to YouTube, the flames and popping and everything about it is so cool!

It is so cool that you have the logo on a coin mate.

I like the coin better than the second item :P


Yeah, it's a tight race for sure, but there's something so drawing to the wood pours.

Love that coin, so detailed. #silver


Thanks for checking it out man, awesome piece indeed.

Super cool piece by Mr. V. Your succubus rounds are sweet too. And I hope there is another coming out!??! Cheers bro


We'll have another one for sure, just still working with the designer this years round.

Hey check out this comic that I saved from my youth.


Ha, that's pretty cool, not sure she has the whole alluring aspect to her, but she probably looks better when she's not in battle.

following your fine blog! and, thanks for your support on my post yesterday...Watch silver make a dramatic surge probably in the fall, 2018. No accident that goldman Sachs is a huge buyerG


Thx for stopping by man, your wiser than I, If you can predict the silver markets.

such a badass piece i cant wait to try pouring in wood one day! nice one Phil :)


Yeah, that's the one thing that really makes me want to try my hand at pouring too.

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Thats a nice one :) Love every detail of it!