I won a prize in the Monster Raffle !!!

in steemsilvergold •  5 months ago

The Steemsilvergold Monster Raffle was conducted today at 1 AM (Paris time).

With over 1100 tickets sold, of which I owned only 50 (25 bought, 25 from a pre raffle I won at the cost of 5 steem), I only had about 1-2% chance for the RNG generator to pick me, for each of the individual picks.

There were approx. 35 prizes though, so still relatively good odds !

It was a bit of an emotional roller coaster (which I hud by making bad jokes while in the discord XP) seeing prize after prize go to other lucky contestants.

Of course, people like @thedamus and @sbsparts stacked so many tickets (100+) that by that time it wasn't luck as much as an investment with guaranteed dividends.

The prizes, their images and who got them are available on www.steemalytics.com, a website one of the participants set up !

Wonderful little tool to see the progress of the raffle ☺

So, seeing prize after prize go to not-me's I'd resigned myself to just considering it a eat to support the community, until, near the very end (I think there was only 4 pieces if silver left) one if my numbers got picked !!!

Glory to the RNG God's !

So, I picked the Stagecoach Silver divisible bar, which looks fabulous 😍😍😍

Meanwhile, @thedamus owns 30% of the prizes, after what I've understood, so congratulations are in order for him too hehe 😆


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Congrats on your win! Nice looking bar!


Yeah, I'm still ephoric 😅
It'll look nice with my 2017 and 2018 Steem Rounds ☺

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