The Gold of Neoxian: gold pickup

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Hello my Steem friends, about a week ago I received a small package full of golden goodness.

First up are cute little cubes of pure gold, each one is 10 grams of gold from Goldmoney. They are pretty tiny, a penny is shown here for reference.

Mmm beautiful golden coins. Here we have a Chinese Panda, Candian maple, Austrian Philharmonic, and an Australian Kangaroo. Four ounces of purest gold shown here.

Here is the opposite side of the same four coins. Such glimmering beauty.

Here is a delicious gold bar of the PAMP variety. Loving that yellow.

10 ounces of pure fine 999.9 gold.

Nice and thick, feels heavy and wonderful on your hand.

A final picture of this mini-hoard. A total of 14 ounces and 40 grams of amazing gold added to my stack.



Holy shit that 10 oz bar though!!!

Dang look at that gold! congrats man. Now I am truly a crypto believer!

I have never seen the cubes before. Have any 1.2 oz pesos?

Beautiful coins and bars. My favorite is panda, but also an American eagle 🦅 which I own.
Great collection. It’s definitely worth it. I recomend some eagles, Incase of taugh times they would be the easiest to liquidate. I just noticed 10 ounce bar in your hand, that’s a pretty big guy worth about 14k, nice!

Awesome pics of gold coins , squares and biscuits .

Beautiful gold coins and gold biscuits @neoxian

Amazing pure fine gold, congartulation to you mr @neoxian, gold coin is so artistic with many painting from many country, thank you very much, success always for you

So happy you can receive the gold package. That's how good people always get happiness.

Wow really went gorgeous and lovely
You deserve more than you like me above here
thank you my dear friend
images (1).jpg

congratulation of tour achievement.. i have never seen the gold before.because your all gold to see very lovely and pretty. you get very beautiful painted gold.your collection really very better of gold...i appreciats your post...dear...friend.. @neoxian you have total of 14 ounces and 40 grams of amazing gold! very well done...

amazing gold little cubes, can i have one? lol @neoxian

A very beautiful gift @neoxian if I'm not mistaken are in miniature and really worth much anyone would like to have them!

i want that golden biscuit 999.9 right now!

Here are some golden biscuits.

haha,right now i wil accept them as well
and may be there is some gold inside

hahaha! good delievery @neoxian sir.

So beautiful all pure gold.
Canggaroo gold coin looking so nice.
Excellent your coin collection @neoxian

what a great collection you have. each one of 10 grams gold, total how much grams gold you have?

So cute and amazing pure gold, you get very beautiful painted gold, its so impressif, thank you very much my friend @neoxian

you stack gorgious gold coins @neoxian sit. I'm speechless when i see your all gold coins. lovely coins sir. I wish i have just 1 gold coins!

hey man! you are true legand. fablous collection. if any normal people want to buy one gold coins or cubes then how can he/she contact with you?

beautiful golden coins! All coins is very beautiful. you have total of 14 ounces and 40 grams of amazing gold! is very good sir. first time i see that kind of gold coins!

Amazing pure gold! congrarz to you. I did not knew that you are a goldbugs also! good to see this. If i want a buy gold coins, how can i get this?

wow so beautiful, you are into the gold like this picture. The gold of neoxian. great

You found my medal.

wow! this is your medal @neoxian sir! how were you get this medal sir?

yes i do it! this is world class medal because of this one in @sir neoxian's.

I think this is not a small package @neoxian sir, iys a big package of gold. I like your gold package, if you want you can give me one gold coins! I don't mind!!

You pickup a great collection of gold. The gold of neoxian, amazing sir. you are pure gold like 24k! i like your choice. Best wishes for you sir, you get more gold coins in future, i wish that.

oh my god! its look so beautiful @neoxian sir. i just like it sir. you are really genious. its suite on your hand sir. thanks sir for share with us all lovely pictures.

Awesome small pakcage my friend @neoxian, you are very kind person, gold ia mean glory and wealth, you always help stemian, i hope you Will get more 99,9 pure gold on next time

wow friend @neoxian, really that these coins are very beautiful and unique, I have never seen gold coins as modern and original as these. Without a doubt, it was a good package full of golden goodness.

congratulations @neoxian, the package is very beautiful and full of surprises. very precious gold coin. you deserve it. congratulations for mu.saya happy to see you get surprise package. i have upvote blog and resteem your post.


Your gold coin collection is enrich. If I have a gold coin, open my forehead. Congratulation @neoxian sir.

@neoxian you are a coin collector ? Interesting☺
If I had these gold?😘
Very nice sharing @neoxian

There's a lot of gold here.
Very beautiful to enjoy 😍

That iron does not need the same as copper, or copper equals gold. very sparkling and beautiful gold that you share @neoxian. May your days be healthy and always successful @neoxian giphy (1).gif

wow, small package of high value .@neoxian
that's incredible, true man's taste.!

To be fair enough, i have not seen such pure gold coins before except in movies. You are so lucky that you got these wonderful coins @neoxian :)

Nice gold madel and coin. mini coin are show nice

wow what a lovely gold coins! I love this all here. it's too much nice. I hope I will get one once a time. its very good too see. thanks a lot @neoxian for this tremendous post. you always best sir.

This is very good thing about gold coins. it's too good. when I see that all kind of gold coins, i feel like that I am the queen of this all gold coins. Thank you very much @neoxian sir for sharing with us these lovely coins. just loved to see them sir. Thanks again.

These are some beautiful pieces. Love the designs. Enjoy

Ah, a fellow lover of precious metals. My friend, @pheliment and you will gel along just right. Hahaha! He's a sucker for Silver, you see!

And I shit you not,

Mmm beautiful golden coins.

This was my exact thought upon seeing the coins ahahaha
And then I read you saying the same thing! xD

Oh CRAP, just noticed the error! I really need to error check better...
@neoxian sorry P:

@phelimint *

These gold coins are the symbol of neoxian bank golden success and immortality. Thanks a lot sir @neoxian.

Wow, These coins are beautiful AND Congratulations sir @neoxian for getting these coins.
I have seen these coins for the first time, lol.
Thanks for showing us!

wow these are so amazing,such a great work.@neoxian you have made my day,thanks a lot for sharing.

Nice pick-ups there. I have 1 goldcube from goldmoney but you smashed it. 14oz of gold is amazing, it's where the smart money goes.

Thanks for sharing with steemsilvergold

so sweet & very beautiful gold. suisse 10 ounces fine gold 999.9! its amazing.

this is a gold of a post wow loved it completely :D

You are making me jealous, anyways having gold and that too cubes is icing on cake.

you are right @neoxian sir such glimmering beauty! every side have beauty coins. four coins look like a same category. may be its depand on weight, i'm not sure. I have no idea about gold coins. But now i'm intersted @neoxian sir for collect one beautiful gold coins.

Every one looks so unique, i really love all of them,thank you so much sir for sharing.

GOLD this time! How much worth Gold in your Stack now? I like that tiny little cubes of gold!


wow what a nice collection. You have a bank so you are a rich man. That's why you effort this kind of gold coin. For me, thats kind of gold coin only for dreams!

Congratz @neoxian for increasing Gold reserves. Those pure gold looks too good to resist, nice collection! 🤩

Delight to watch beautiful gold coins and cubes. Yes penny seems to be huge as compared with gold cube. You have some good collection. Keep sharing @neoxian

Wow... You show me some great coins... It's still new for me to see all of them. So awesome and luxurious. I dream to have one. Thanks for sharing!


Love that 10g in that it looks so cute small but yet powerful,just like pocket rocket,thank you so much @neoxian.

I have n't seen before like this type of gold coins. you are really awesome thats why i like you so much. i really like the cubes. thanks @neoxian sir for share with us this lovely gold coins & cubes.

These all coins look beautiful, I love the Candian maple and Australian Kangaroo. They've all got the special value.
I will also invest in these coins when I will get rich like you :D It is a good way to save wealth.

good gold ,, everyone will really like your pure gold @neoxian

Ohh pure gold coin.
Nice collect.
You give me this gold coin? @neoxian😄😄 just fun300_300_1794.png

This one is very beautiful sir. its color really yellow? or golden?

It's gold colored.

ok. when you say loving that yellow! i'm confused about that, that's why i ask you @neoxian sir. thanks.

Australian Kangaroo looks very nice. @neoxian sir you have many gold coins from many different countries, you visited that all countries?

Not all of then, some though.

I wish you visited all country as soon.

Nice haul. Good to see you handling with gloves. Did that panda come in a sleeve? I always leave mine in the mint sleeves. They look pretty crappy but its an anti-tampering thing.

It did but I took it out. I can't help it, all gold must come out of sleeves.

I know what you mean. I want to put all my pandas into capsules and a nice display box, but I understand as soon as it comes out of the sleeve it affects resale premium. Oh well, it doesn't really matter if you never sell! ;)

This is absolutely power pumped package... This thick gold biscuit😱😱

the 10oz gold looks like my 5oz silver bars. lol
i really like the cubes, wish someone would make oz cubes even if i couldnt afford them.

just got an order in the mail from sgb and was wondering if i should take picts and post about it, your post helped me make my choice.

beautiful gold coin worth of art and also worth as a currency, thanks @neoxian posting that add insight @mukhtarilyas

Wow extraordinary collection of coins... I imagine you are happy!

I want a small coin please!

You can have the penny.

Wow!! I think I like the 10g cubes the best. 👍🏻

Wow wonderful way to save money ... Gold is always quality and prestige

Awesome cubes :) I assume you are a Goldmoney client ? Have you had a chance to check out Menē?

I've looked at their page, but have not yet made any purchases.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding Menē. I write about Menē regularly here on Steemit :)

Wow wah .. very beautiful and luxurious gold bars. Attractive in view.

You are amazing mr @neoxian. You can have everything.

My teacher @neoxian . You are really great and perfect. Pakat that you receive even small but very expensive. The contents of the package was amazingly beautiful. The gold is very luxurious and charming. Very interesting to see. So I personally really like the gold coin
Thanks you very much my teacher. You have sharing that..

I want to receive a golden package like that. great friend!

That is an AWESOME pile of gold @neoxian! That 10 ounce is killer!

I want to pick up some 10g Goldmoney cubes, I like those and the Mene 24k dice too!

Might be fun to get those dice.

They are on my bucket list for sure!

Dang!! That is some serious hardware your displaying here. Nice pickups for sure!

genius @neoxian takes the theme on a sunny morning with gold posts, I love your very beautiful golden idea

I had a dream...
Not like Obama to rule America
But in my dream the golden bank of Neoxian sent me a couple of delicious golden bars.
They tasted so sweet
Far better than chocolate bars.
This is no poem
This is a dreamlog😏.
Good morning 😁😁

Holy mother of pearl! I wish I could pick up 14 oz's of that buttery gold deliciousness just like that. The Pamp is a dream, I bet it feels great in hand 👍😎 Thanks for the show

Far from the monetary value that your mini-hoard can have, I perfectly understand the sensation that you have when you have something special at hand that is yours, that you can show proudly ... I do not have gold coins or bars, but I have a small collection of coins from a few places I have been, and although they are few and do not have much value, I am very proud to show them, it's like you say: it's my little treasure. Greetings @neoxian

Didn't know you are a collector.
Gold is gold after all.Never loses its value.
They look beautiful @neoxian
I assume if gold ever reaches 10$ i'll be able to buy some :P

Ohhhh My GOD so cute and amazing tiny cubes and lovely gold bar, you are lucky mt friend @neoxian that you got these wonderful. I love them. I praise to some one who made them beautifully.

Those cubes are way too cute. Would be hard to find in case they get lost or something. :)

It's looking so gorgeous😍

very imformative post ,, congratz @neoxian see gold pickup coins, I want to hug him, wow gold :) feels beautiful even though just a dream.
Thanks for this @neoxian

I want to have it, can I hold your gold coin. truly extraordinary
Cingratulations @neoxian

gold coins? I really crave maybe it's just a dream :)
Thanks @neoxian
Congrat @neoxian best

Mr @neoxian. The package you received was the most beautiful and exquisite package I have ever seen.

May I know the total price of gold rod and gold coin it?

Thanks a Lot for sharing

Mr @neoxian. You order a gold that is very unique and interesting. Surely all rich people want to own it. But I as a person who does not have that kind of money will always be patient and try to have a little gold.

Thank you so much mr @neoxian. Your post makes us more excited ..

Truly a unique and beautiful gold coin. Mr @neoxian. You are very lucky to have that gold coin. Beautiful and expensive.

Mr @neoxian. Your gold coin is beautiful and very interesting. The bars too. Everything is very unique.

Oh yea mr
Do you want to resell it. ? Maybe can be auctioned at a very expensive price ..

Wow .. I just saw the first gold that looks very unique. The amount is also very heavy to 10 ounces more.
.mr @neoxian your coins is very valuable.

Gold is a very precious treasure. Mr @neoxian. You have everything. The gold coin is very unique.

Thanks you for information sir.

Beautiful gold and charming .. the price is also extraordinarily expensive. Mr @neoxian. I really hope someday I have gold as you have ..

Thanks for sharing sir.

Congratulations mr @neoxian . Your valuable package gets to your hands safely and safely. It is a very beautiful and unique gold coin. We're really jealous to see it..heheh

Oh my god sir @neoxian . A valuable package whose contents are precious metals. Coin and gold metal are very stealing the attention .. we also want to have his ..

Thanks you very much for sharing

Gold is the precious metal most preferred by humans because it is expensive and attractive. I see the gold coins belonging to @neoxian look very attractive and rare.

Unbelievably beautiful.

Thanks for sharing sir

Woow so pure gold.
Design and colour really beautiful

This looks like golden time has started for you sir.great work such a unique times one can see in their entire life.

Hello @neoxian,

Extraordinary good investment on Gold coins. Incredible & fabulous coin collection you are maintaining.


Goldgasm achieved 😴

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