#monster-raffle donation



Hey everyone!! The monster-raffle is coming up soon.

Here is my first donation ever.

  1. Swiss of America 1 ounce round.

  2. I will be doing a special silver pour. Will try to have it by Monday the 3rd of June with pictures and a story.

Best of luck to all that enter. This is my first monster-raffle and I am looking forward to it.



Thats all mine.......😊

I hope you win it!

Awesome donations! Can't wait to see what you pour xx

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Thanks Evie!

Wow... Never seen this one before 😉👍
Such a great choice for the monster Raffle 😜
Amazing round my friend and I can't wait to se what you will pour. Thank you for sharing this. Much love 💖💕❤️

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Much love back at you sweet Sara. Is that all I need to do to enter?

Wikkid cool my man!

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thank you Mr. witty

That's a very fine piece and a great donation. I wonder what place is called the Swiss of America, maybe it is a dumb question but I would really like to know the answer. Many year ago Costa Rica was called the Swiss of Central America. Thanks for such a nice donation. @naltedtirt

I think @silver510 is familiar with Swiss of America.

Alright hopefully he will add more details

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That's a sweet donation!!! First time I've seen that round.

Thanks VG!

Thanks to everyone for making me feel so welcome.

Fantastic donation! I love the old Swiss of America rounds! They're pretty sweet.

I have heard good things about you @fat-elvis nice to finally run into you.

Cheers @naltedtirt. I just added you to the followed list.

Thank you Mr Elvis. I will follow you as well, if I am not already.

Thats so generous of you and this coin has a beautiful scenery

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Will you participate in the raffle? 1 SBD could win Silver

Im still training mode. Tried once but somehow it doesn't work so have to try again may have miss out something

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All you do is send 1SBD to @monsterraffle and put in memo that you want a ticket.

Good to see you vangie how is that tyrant of a boss treating you?

Not too bad still alive

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Very unique and interesting donation! Very cool! 😃
Tagging @senstless, who is tracking MR4 donations...🙌

Thanks @thekittygirl!!
I appreciate you.

Swiss of America is a collectors premium!!! Sweet donation and I got it added. Good grief are you making me look bad for not even picking something yet.

I did not realize it was a sought after round. Thanks for letting me know.

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