Daily Coin #85 Another Very Nice Commemorative Florin From Australia

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As the title says here we have another very nice looking commemorative coin from Australia . This coin was minted to celebrate QE2's royal visit to Australia . While there had been other royal visits to Australia , Elizabeth was the first reigning monarch to have set foot on Australian soil during their reign , she first did so on 3 February 1954 thus the coin . This lovely coin was minted in Melbourne from 50% silver , 40% copper , 5% nickel , and 5% zinc . It weighs in at 11.31 grams and is 28.50 mm in diameter .
The obverse of the coin shows us a portrait of a young Elizabeth much as she would have been at the time of her visit , facing to the right with a laurel in her hair and the words " + ELIZABETH·II·DEI·GRATIA·REGINA·F:D:" translation: "+ Elizabeth II by the Grace of God, Queen, Defender of the Faith" . The letters FD had found their way back onto coinage in Australia by the time her visit came to be .
The rather plain reverse of this coin features symbols of the two countries (an English lion and an Australian kangaroo standing side by side) with the words " AUSTRALIA FLORIN" written above them and the year 1954 below .Engravers initials WLB (William Leslie Bowles) just above the date .
The edge of this coin is reeded .
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A simple and beautiful commemorative.

Right and right Ronaldo !

That one is a dandy! ...even if Lions and Kangaroos would never meet.

Wait till tomorrows !!!! One up on the way on Monday !!!!!!

I think that the depiction of the young Elizabeth II is my favorite. I wonder what it means... I hope that beauty is not confined to the youth. I think that they should really find a good designer to depict ElizabethII now in her older years to appear more regal and strong, or something like that. I think that she is amazing. Anyway... I like the reverse of this coin... the Lion and Kangaroo. And I love how I am getting the exposure on world coins in your series. A truly valuable series to me. Cheers, my friend. WIshing you a great day on Fathers Day with your family and friends. (Just to let you know that I am on a holding mode on upvotes. I have to wait another three days... and it is very difficult not to upvote your articles. It is much like the same feeling as not getting a silver piece because it is not the right time yet. Not easy!)

Her portraits in her later years are not very flattering for sure ss!!!!!

Talking about the portraits on coins and how they change, have a look at british stamps and they never change the portrait of the queen. Queen Victoria only ever had one portrait on stamps.

WOW, that is some interesting information, @gdwcoins! Thanks!

I also did not know that !!! Thank you for the info !!!