Daily Coin # 84 A 1954 Australian Florin

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Today I present another wonderfully busy Australian coin . The last of their type to be minted in Melbourne before the switch to decimal coinage these 1953 - 1963 Elizabeth the second florins were made of 50 % silver , weighed 11.31 grams , and were 28,50 mm in diameter . Total mintage for this coin (53-63) was 108,826,000 . The religious title “FIDEI DEFENSOR” or “F:D” was removed from Elizabeth II coinage in 53-54 but the public outcry was such that it returned in 56 and stayed till 63 .
The obverse of this coin features of course the bust of a young Elizabeth ll facing to the right with a laurel in her hair . The words "+ ELIZABETH·II·DEI·GRATIA REGINA" which translates to "Elizabeth II by the Grace of God, Queen" .20180615_094321.jpg
The reverse of this coin shows us a very nice Australian coat of arms ( each panel in the shield represents a state of Australia at the time) flanked by a kangaroo (left) and an emu (right) topped by a crown and the word FLORIN (which is split by the cross on the crown) Below is the date, and the word 'AUSTRALIA'. In the fields are golden wattle branches.
The edge of this coin is reeded
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Another beautiful Australian coin!

Thank you for your kind words Ronaldo !!😁