Daily Coin # 56 A Beautiful 1956 Canadian Silver Dollar

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This coin, struck at Ottawa in 1956, is common in all grades but is scarce in unblemished condition. The use of chrome plated dies gave a polished appearance to the coins which in turn magnified the detractive effects of bagmarks. The reason I chose to show this coin is twofold for me !
(1) I was born in 1956 !!
(2) A and W [my favorite burger] opened their first Canadian franchise in Winnipeg Manitoba in 1956 ! The Canadian restaurants were part of the American chain until 1972 when they were sold to Unilever .
The 1956 Canadian silver dollar is comprised of 80% silver , has a weight of 23.3276 g , a diameter of 36.06 mm , and a thickness of 2.84 mm . As you can tell by the following pictures this coin hit a few pockets before being put away !
The obverse of this coin features the portrait in right profile of Elizabeth II , when she was 27 years old , she is surrounded with the inscription "ELIZABETH II DEI GRATIA REGINA" (Elizabeth II , Queen by the grace of God)
The reverse of this coin shows one of the most iconic scenes in Canadian numismatics (IMO) , which is a voyageur and an aboriginal travelling by canoe, carrying bundles of which one bears the initials "HB" for Hudson's Bay Company , they are surrounded with the face value and the inscription "CANADA" with the year above the denomination .
The edge of the coin is a simple reeded one .
@theb3ar this one is for you brother !!!!!!
Thank you for upvoting and looking at my offering today ! mikegpo


Crazy I was born in 79 and all the silver was long gone from the currencies. And the ASE’s didn’t start until the 80’s. God A&W Burgers And root beer floats are epic

Yes indeed my friend !!!

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I think that the obverse of the Canadian dollars with the young Elizabeth II is my favorite obverse! She is a classic beauty in the way she is depicted in those coins! I like the A&W chain. So all American. Are you scarse and unblemished, too @mikegpo?

She was very pretty at 27 yrs old as we all were eh !!!!

I have several 1949 Canadian Dollars, not only due to my birth but to the beautiful ship that is on the reverse.DSC_0074.JPG

The 49 is indeed a beautifully designed coin !!!!!

Gorgeous coin bro! Woo hoo! A&W is so good!!

My favorite for 45 years !!!