Southeast Refining Bar

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This is another one I picked up in Indiana. I always like a bar with a serial number. It seems this bar was produced in 1981, but I couldn't find a mintage number. It seems like there are a fair bit of these out there, as multiple copies have sold or are for sale on eBay.

From what I can tell, my number of 9204 seems to be fairly low. Many of the examples of this bar I see online are 6 digit serials.


The back is also pretty interesting. It's a mesmerizing repeating pattern of loops or ovals or baseballs, depending on how you look at it. And it's got some nice toning on the edges.

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Ooo. I do like the back. Gives the bar a little softness. ☺️


Yeah, a little something for the ladies.

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Great looking bar @methus — another dandy taken out of global supply 👊😎


Thanks. I really like this one.