Silver Towne 5 Ouncer

in #steemsilvergold5 years ago

I took a trip with the family, so I've been gone for a bit. But what better way to come back than to post some quality silver.


I found this one at the LCS. My LCS has had a lot of great stuff lately. I hope it continues. This is a pretty standard Silver Towne 5 ounce bar. It's got some age, and has some weird dark spots on it. It's still in the original plastic, with no holes or cracks that I can see, so I'm not sure why the random discolorations.


You know if it's got a serial number I'm in it.



Score my friend!!!
A five Oz Silver Towne bar, always a place for this good bar in the stack!!😀

Very nice @methus! All the color variations just give it character and make it interesting. Have a wonderful night and thanks for sharing!

That is a really cool bar and 5 oz 😜 thats heavy.
3 oz is my heaviest... Lol
The colour gives it character I think, Great find.
Thank you for sharing and have a fantastic weekend. Cheers!

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