Monex International Round

in steemsilvergold •  11 days ago 

This is from 1982, and carries the mark of Monex International. They are still in business today and appear to mostly be a foreign currency exchange, though they offer a variety of services including tourism and inexplicably, Doctor Who merchandise (seriously, Google their website).

The round itself has some good toning on it. One side features an eagle.


The other side has a map of North America.


It's a bit thicker and smaller than most 1oz rounds I've seen.


IMO, it's a solid pickup from the generic bin.

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Nice pickup, especially at generic prices. :)

Dam I had loads of them back in the day. Silver was like $4 then. We used to trade each other for different rounds.

The LCS I got to in Iowa seems to have an endless supply of these, but I agree and think they are a good looking round for the generic bin. I wonder just how many they minted, given how many I see floating around.

I see so many of these Rounds I don't even give them a Second Look anymore. I do Like The Silver Art Bars Better but hey It all Melts and It's Money........@methus