Old 1800 English silver Victorian shilling

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Victorian 1887 shilling

The Victorian 1887 shillings is a 0.925 silver coin from Englandthe weight of this coin is 5.6552 grams. With these coins They are not hard to find in good condition, as I picked this coin up from eBay, saw a good deal on it plus the coin it self just made me fall in love with it.

I made sure I got some casings aswell for the rest of my silver coins, just to keep the all good and safe, plus they look really neat in them



No I do prefer king George IV shillings and it tone, and how the coin stands out. But this coin has a really good set to it.. to me I think it’s the design on the reverse that makes the British coin a really hard drive for me and the face of the monarch in perfect condition



This is some cool ass looking stamps on the letter the coin came in, I like the design of them


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Nice, love the pre decimal uk silver!

thank you buddy, they look incredible

oh just a sparkle in my eye when i look at it buddy

Oyster catcher we call Schol-ekster! I had a S.A. related post yesterday. Guess the country....

lol will be sure to check it out buddy

Beautiful coin !!! I will post some British coins in the future !

definitly will be looking forward to that

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