How Much Longer With the Dollar Last?

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The fact that China and the rest of the world sells the US their goods in exchange for US Dollars is the greatest magic trick I think I've ever seen. I'm shocked it has gone on for this long. Maybe its because the rest of the world's currencies are also fiat and created out of thin air? But its going to end eventually.


The stock market opened up 400 points today after some massive cheer-leading overnight and into this morning. Most of those gains are evaporating as sellers are using this as an opportunity to raise cash. The CNBS bubble heads, including Larry Kudlow just wasted 1 hour of my life taking about how strong the US economy is and how strong the dollar is. I think they really believe what they say. We will see how long this market stays Green today, but unless the "mystery buyer" shows up and pumps a bunch of cash into the S&P & FAANG stocks, my guess is the selling will continue.


Gold and Silver have no counter-party risk like the US Dollar. That is why they were money for 5,000 years prior to the creation of the toxic Federal Reserve. They are currently on massive discount right now, but in limited supply. Get your financial insurance now why you still can!




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Also, Russia and China are​ hoarding gold, so they will have more gold behind their money than the US.

It’s like buying a dishwasher with a handwritten note from mom!


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thank you very much for the information

Scary stuff, man. Is it just a hiccup and are the markets going to bounce back and go higher? Or is this the bubble starting to deflate?

Although they are getting more and more in debt I think it will take the world (and politicians) a long time to accept changes in currency. The way it is going they will be forced to make changes or just print more money, an thus leading to ridiculous inflation

It's just a matter of how long they can play the game out. When it falls, it's going to be fast and by fast I mean within hours not even days.

Outstanding..and thanks for your support...