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Another EOS blockproducer candidate has announced yet another free airdrop on EOS token holders. This one is from EOSVibes out of Europe and according to their website, the airdrop is scheduled in the weeks after the mainnet launch scheduled for June 2-3 2018.

The genius behind the structure @dan has created here can not be understated and its so different from anything else out there in the crypto Universe. Block producers have to compete to earn lucrative rewards but innovating on the chain and adding value can really set them apart. This will be a growing trend and this self reinforcing feedback loop will drive the token price even higher. Over time, I truly think this concept will be understood by more and more speculators, investors and innovators and set EOS above all the rest.


The hirevibes Whitepaper can be found HERE

Hirevibes Tokens (HVT)

  • There will be a 350 million total fixed supply of HVT, No more HVT will ever be created.

HVT will be distributed as Follows:

  • Free Airdrop: 250 million HVT (71.43%) to be Airdropped to all EOS Token Holders within 90 days of the EOS blockchain launch.
  • HV Launch Team: 50 million HVT (14.285%) to be distributed to the HireVibes Launch Team.
  • HV Treasury Fund: 50 million HVT (14.285%) to be held in a HireVibes DAC Treasury smart contract. The HireVibes community can propose and vote on the strategic usage of these tokens.
  • HireVibes Launch Team Vesting schedule:
  • The HV Launch team will receive 40% of their individual stakes upon the HireVibes Dapp launching.
  • Each individual team member will receive 20% every 6 months after HireVibes Dapp launch.
  • This means the Launch team won’t receive all their tokens until after 18 months.

HireVibes Surplus Tokens:

  • HireVibes Dapp will receive a small portion of HVT upon every job fill it facilitates (2.5% of the rate / salary in question). - So what will happen to these surplus tokens that get generated from using the HireVibes Dapp?

  • 50% of all surplus tokens generated will go straight to HVT token holders daily

  • There will be a minimum distribution total; which means if the total doesn't get achieved within that 24 hour period, it could tick over to the following day for distributing, and so on

  • 50% of all surplus tokens will go to a Working Proposal smart contract for the token holders to vote on

  • To incentivise voter participation; we are exploring to set the 50% surplus token reward distribution in a more granular way whereby: If a HVT holder hasn't voted on anything for the last 4 weeks (for example) their wallet will get only 10% of the rewards that its supposed to get according to their proportional HVT stake. The remaining 90% can be spread into DAC pool for a Community vote. This will be announced prior to launch.

The HireVibes DAC (decentralised autonomous community) can vote to:

  • Support, grow or create: Humanitarian and environmental initiatives
  • Grow the HireVibes eco-system and make improvements and to the Jobs Dapp
  • Create educational programmes
  • Purchase property for the benefit of HV eco-system
  • Anything else the community votes (This includes the option of additional distribution of surplus tokens back to the HVT token holders)

You can learn more from one of the EOSVibes founders by watching the following:

I am Lord @matthewwarn and I have Stackitis...but there are worse problems to have in not registering your EOS and missing out on free airdrops.


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Go EOS! Happy to see EOS community is getting bigger and bigger:)


I feel like a 10 year old before Christmas lol


Lol I understand. I just love what eos is doing. You know steemit started before communitoes were built, eos is building communities before the launch of EOS. Good strategy.

I love the hirevibes idea, it will bring great value to the ones Blockchain


its a great idea and I'm looking forward to how it all pans out! Just going to HODL, wait and enjoy the ride


I'm hodling my precious eos

Thanks man. I’m expecting to see an airdrop for the steemit competitor platform on top of EOS...


It will be interesting to see how it all pans out! With @dan posting on medium, he is sending a clear message to ned...not sure how its all going to pan out...drama

"I feel like a 10 year old before Christmas lol"

total agree... i prefer don't to think deeper... and just wait fot the candies:)

let's start a Eos Candie List:
1.- eosdac
2.- ?


I think that's the topic for one of tomorrow's posts lol


excellent idea, from now on a Sunday's post adding the candies to the infinite moon :)

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

It's too Bad that BIX Weir doesn't seem to understand EOS or even STEEMIT........