Is Our Steemit Silver Coin One Of The Hottest Collectibles?

in steemsilvergold •  last year

There are so many members of the #steemsilvergold community who supported this successful project. @sevinwilson took the suggestions of many members, grabbed the ball and ran with it. He guided the project thru it's early stages and set-up the design contest that led us to the coin's amazing design by @bearone. @phelimint took over the project and minted the community's initial 1500 coins.

All 1500 coins sold out quickly and a brisk secondary market for these coins quickly formed on Steemit. Initial offers of $40 for one of these beautiful collector's items sold quickly. The coins are individually numbered and current prices see them selling at $60 for common numbers. Low numbered coins and several key numbers are selling for higher premiums.

If you're considering buying a couple, jump on them quickly. I think we're going to see prices climb as available coins begin to diminish. I know I'm looking for one or two specific numbers at secondary prices. Grab 'em while you can!

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It's great to be in on the ground floor!


It is... wish I would have been in for several more.

@lesvizable Thank You for being active on interacting with others in the comments sections...............

It's really been such a great success. I'm sure we'll see the priced skyrocket when the next one is released.


Agree. And all the future members that will want a the first in the series, to go with the 2nd and 3rd releases.

I like the tag "series1". Thanks for the shoutout by the way! The bottom picture was a great one!


The coin is a great one!