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RE: LBD Available for Purchase. Get Your Libertarian Dollars Now.

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Can people buy non-Integer amounts? Suppose someone sends you 70 STEEM (About $22 worth) with the SLP address in the memo. How much LBDs could they get?

Please take a look at this.

Where is the vault? Is it in Canada? Can we trust Canada more than the US?


Why did you flag me?

Yes people can buy any amount they want. The LBD token goes to 3 decimal places. If you sent me 70 steem right now (coinmarketcap shows 25.6 cents per steem) I would send you 0.875 LBDs representing about 21 grams of silver. We can do that for you.

The reason we usually think in terms of ounces is for redemption purposes, that will usually be a minimum requirement, although we are currently awaiting delivery of some half ounce rounds from First Majestic.

Vault? As stated in the White Paper this is a one man start up business, we currently have 20 ounces of silver for sale, they are at my house, guaranteed by me. There is currently only one LBD in circulation, you have it, and I have your morgan silver dollar right here. As volume increases we will probably start with safe deposit boxes, then move on to safes, then the real estate, fire power, personnel, cameras, vaults etc. Our security will grow as the stack grows, that's where your premiums go.

I am based in America. When it comes to trust I couldn't tell you which government is worse, both are pretty bad.

The easiest and best way to buy, store, redeem and transact in silver, The Libertarian Dollar, LBD, SLP Token. By supporting us you are supporting a small business, that has the potential to be a huge business.

I'm sorry. That flag was an accident. I didn't know they had a limit on voting for a particular post.

The blockchain wont let me.

Yes it will, you playing games?

No, it wont. I experiment a lot. My software voted on the comment and I was trying different values. I had no idea there was a limit. The flag is a sub-cent amount.

Can you experiment somewhere else? I don't want potential customers making assumptions about the integrity of our operation after seeing a red dot. It's not about the money. I sent you 0.012 LBD for your 0.250 SBD.

fair enough.

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