1000 ALX airdrop

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Good evening Steemies!!

Dropping a quick line here with 2 interesting links. Who doesn't like free Crypto! I came across this new project, still under testing and offering 1000 ALX tokens for signing up and earn to watch videos, advertisement and movie trailers I would like to share with you. I just signed up and got me free tokens, you should too!! here is the link, check it out!



I have been using another similar platform that allows you to pick which currency you want to earn including our beloved STEEM for watching videos( viral videos, entertainment news, food porn etc...), filling out surveys and various other tasks. I have been using them for a few months now and have gotten deposits in the matter of hours after requesting payment, it's legit. Here is the link below:


Invite your friends with your referral code and they can help you earn. Please be respectful, do not abuse of their services and follow their rules and regulations. I like getting paid wasting time on the internet! Have fun ! 😎

Cheers X🐞X

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Hello @ladybug146! It is so nice to meet another female stacker. Love the two bars in the photo. Are they 10 oz bars?


Yes they are both 10 oz bars! The one with the bull is sold at spot price for the first bar at silvergoldbull (Canada and US online sales). Nice to have a few more females joining the group!

I used your link and I inscribed at earncrypto, but I have a question: do they send the steem directly to your steemit account or to a wallet? I have not a wallet...


directly to your steemit via bitrex. When you want to cash out, you just put your username as in "ronaldoavelino" and email confirm and they buy it from bitrex and bitrex deposits itdirectly in your steemit account and ready to power up in a bit. They say it takes up to 7 days but mine was in after 3 hours. Thanks for signing up with my link!


Thank you very much.

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

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