A Thank You and Shout Out to @raybrockman

in steemsilvergold •  last year

I wanted to send a thank you and shout out to @raybrockman. One of the most rewarding aspects of Steemit has been finding the #steemsilvergold community. One of the pillars and leaders of the group is Raybrockman. His insightful posts and helping the community by upvoting has been amazing.

I won his 900 follower silver give away and he came through like a champ.

Below are some of the pics from the silver package I received:




Once again, thank you! And it’s awesome to have you part of this community!

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Wow, good deal and congrats on winning. @raybrockman is the man.


Thanks and agreed!

Wicked cool! @raybrockman is the real deal!




Proud of your boys @kp138 and @raybrockman

Calling @originalworks :)
**@raybrockman got you a $3.3 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice!

  • img credz: pixabay.com*

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Nizzzze! You deserve it kp!



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well done for winning \o/ and nice bar.

woo hoo, congrats! @raybrockman is a good man.


Very true!

WOw how can i be involved in this ?? i am interested

You know I am resteeming this shit!!!,,,, na really thanks for the shout out and kind words. Honestly Iam the thankful one, being apart of this group is awesome. Keep stacking buddy



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Love that Perth bar, really nice!


Yeah, really dig it. My first Perth bar too.