Hand pour virgin no more!

in steemsilvergold •  6 months ago

Sharing the first piece of my postal deliveries is this beautiful hand poured Pitwoo Cheonwang Dragon button by @pit-bullion!

I had been eyeing it for a while, and took advantage of the live pour session with a side raffle about a month back, with @theb3ar offering a dragon piece to be raffled off.

As you may know, silver dragons tends to set me off, so I made the order during the live pour session! Alas, I had no luck on the dragon raffle but I got a dragon button. Still a win for me!

I only got this later as I had sent a check for the order and it was mailed soon after, and was held in mail during my vacation.

What a beautiful piece! The grooves are clean and smooth to touch. I don’t get to hold my silver much, other than junk silver coins, so it feels nice to hold one in the hand! Hmm, maybe I will keep this as my pocket silver. This may get me into more hand poured pieces!



(My photos are coming out sideways! Trying mobile posting for the first time!)

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Right on!!

Cool and beautiful piece!


Yes, definitely cool!!!

Nice! Can't go wrong with that being the first package in the pile that you open. Good for you, buddy!

Nice piece brother, got one of those myself.👍


Great to know they are well-loved by many!

Well... Khamen, I knew that you would love Puff, because it is a dragon! That would be an awesome pocket piece for you!


His name is Puff?!? Nice!

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold