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This week, I added a 5 oz Tombstone Bar from Scottsdale Mint and two rolls of 90% Constitutional silver quarters. Constitutional has been called "junk silver" for years because people used to melt it down. I like it as a good way to get into fractional denominations below one ounce rounds. No one really knows how much of this "junk" is left as the government is no longer minting it at face value. I think these 90% US silver coins will switch from junk status to more of a premium market as the supply continues to dry up.

Moving to this nice little bar, I typically do not buy art bars, this is my first art bar! The hammer marks on this little bar caught my eye. It has little hammer marks and a nice finish and feel. I might have to stack a small bag of art bars after this pick up.


Even the back looks really nice with all the engraving!


I hope you all enjoyed. Keep stacking steemit and steemsilvergold!


Beautiful 5oz piece 👍
I like the coins too!
I loaded up on dimes for barter use and 1964 half dollars for collection

Nice ones. The tombstone bar is definitely a cool one!

I've been looking at those tombstone beauties lately. The good thing about constitutional silver, they don't fake it. I do the halves.

I have a decent amount of liberty walkers, probably my favorite US coin design ever.

That tombstone is the cherry on top. Nice pick ups dude

Yea I like that bar, I hope to start a collection soon. You guys are not helping with the fever lol. Be well bro stack away @jrandolph

That is a very unique silver bar, love the hammered look.

Sneaky Ninja Attack! You have been defended with a 4.36% vote... I was summoned by @jrandolph! I have done their bidding and now I will vanish...Whoosh


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