How Do 15.000 Gold Coins Look Like?

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Today, I visited the Museum of Cultural History and the exhibition Good as gold - coins are history in Oslo. The exhibition was opened to mark the 200-year anniversary of the Coin Cabinet in 2017.


I have walked past this museum almost daily, but actually just saw the banner outside it after I started collecting precious metals.

Anyway, I enjoyed the exhibition very much. As I do not want to spoil it if some fellow Norwegians want to attend, I have just included a few teasers.

The Lydians were the first people to refine gold:


Rupi is from the Indian word rupe (cow). Fee is from the Norse name fe (meaning cow):



The Nazis tried to steal our gold, but we managed to smuggle it out of Norway:


In the exhibition you can see 15,000 of them.

Here is a sample:


Later today I picked up a package:


The trident is a very strong symbol to me. It could be because I am Aquarius or that it is a masculine symbol. I recently read a book by Jordan B. Peterson 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, highly recommended, and he has some pages about the archetypal Terrible Mother, which one of them, Ursula, stole the trident from King Triton (Little Mermaid).

No one is going to steal my Trident:)

Photos taken by @janusface on February 8 2018 with a Huawei Honor 5X (no editing)

Thank you for your time and attention. Steem on!

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fine imges

Now that's what I want my floor to look like!

Hi, @janusface. It's great that they are having an exhibition, and it must be very cool to see so many gold coins! I'm definitely tempted to visit it once. As you might have guessed, I'm more likely to be visiting the Naturhistorisk Museum when I'm in Oslo.

And that trident coin looks nice! What type of metal is the white part?

Naturhistorisk museum is nice, and that remains me that I have not been at the NM for a long time. Should definitively go there soon. The white part is just some plastic encapsulating the coins, as I have not removed it from the box. Should probably have done that for better pics and for a more genuine feeling of the coins, but I do not have any gloves yet to handle it. Fingerprints (with biological residues) destroy coins (perhaps not so much gold) over time.

Ah, that makes sense now that you say it! I was thinking that it was part of the coin, and maybe was some sort of colored metal :P

I just got to get my hands on a gold trident!

Stilig, aldri vært der før!

Amazing coin my friend! That museum must have been one heck of an experience!

"A cow is also money. A cow gives milk, meat, skin, and work power. So it is a measure of wealth and can be used to pay with."

Interesting. Reminds me of the Hávamál : "Deyr fé, deyja frændr". The common translation has "cattle die" but I have also seen it translated as "wealth dies". Both in poetry and real life the word has a double meaning. Cows can die and wealth can fade but 'the glory of the dead can live on'.

Also didn't know Rupee and Ruble also came from the words for cow. :-)

Funny how many words in Norwegian are written exactly the same as in Dutch. Betalingsmiddel; verdien, overgang. We are related!

The Vikings were very prolific for a few centuries. Thus, many of the word used in English are Norse (for example the weekdays (Monday, Tuesday etc.). They also conquered the seas and went as west as today's America.

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Amazing! I love diving into some history especially about money. You did a great job with this article. Thank you!

They log magical, would definetely want to own one of those trinident gold coins.

you got the trident after all!


Seriously 15,000 gold coins! Wow that's huge and you are at the top of them :O Amazing experience friend and I like what you have collected there as well. How many gold and silver coins you have now?


That's an awesome museum. And a very awesome coin you got for yourself!

Yes, it was! Have never seen 15,000 gold coins before:)

reminds me at of the wall of $1000 bills at binions where its underglass and you can wallk around both sides.... Except this is obviously more beautiful....

What a great exhibit! I vaguely remember reading about the heroic people who smuggled the "national wealth" of Norway out of the country during history classes when I was a kid growing up in Denmark.

Cool post-- thanks for sharing this!

Glad you liked my post. Yes, I learnt about it in school too, but I have never actually seen the gold before.

wow very nice
I love the picture that you are standing on the gold coins


That museum's Gold Coin walk way is the stuff Scrooge McDuck dreams about!

Where can I buy this coin from ? Looks amazing !

Gold Coins. I have Gold Coins America

Is an interesting place! The floor of coins is awesome!

Some divers found gold coins at a site of a shipwreck off NC coast, 14 gold coins, and 24 silver coins.

There is a 9 foot tall replica made empire state building made from of 200000 pennies. In my local library that I am just as amazed at....

And a flooe made of change in elevators in new york city

Always found them impressive...

nice post

hmmm. Well, that's kind of neat. It must be really bright with that floor shining all over the place.

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Thanks for sharing. Now I know what 15000 gold coins look like. Wish I had some in my pocket now.

Nice Trident. They are beautiful coins.

Yesterday I had a wonderful day where my heart dropped and I faced my fears. I visited the Getty Museum which is located on top of a mountain which is accessable by a tram that is wrap around the mountain side. I am deathly afraid of heights and the whole day I was uneasy. The art was Beautiful and inspiring with such a vast collection of different medias of art.” The Head Of Christ” by Corregio was my favorite because it Brought a haunting look into my soul when I stared at it.

Nice post ,a little bit of history there .And keep safe the trident @janusface

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I infrequently go to a museum, yet the exhibition hall a dreadful part of science in the get on the historical backdrop of the past....

that trident its amazing!!!! Im lovin it!! in spanish , demasiado brutal papa!!!! me encantó!!!

Great information. I did not know that gold and silver could actually be mixed together.

That is an amazing place. Thanks for sharing!

May the steemitforce be with you.

Keep steeming ahead,


It probably looks like some fat stacks. Also looks like a nice vacation.

How do I like unpacking parcels

Awesome Bellisimo the picture that I like the most is where you are standing on top of the gold coins

This one looks dope brotha!


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Good information thanks for share

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Thank You! ⚜

Visiting mesium is an experience that can add knowledge from the past so as to increase our understanding of us for the future ..

OMG that's some pure fine gold out there interesting gold of a post :)

this is a awesoomee museum... Nice tirdent They r butiful coins. Wish i hade some in my pocket naw and im verry happy.

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@janusface..bro That's an awesome museum really looking amezing . And a very awesome and beautifil coins you got for yourself .i like good and silver and platinum coins much..thank you for sharing with us..

Congrats on the Trident. I showed mine a couple days ago but noone seen it because I'm a loser lol They're spectacular pieces. What # did u get? I got #20. Great post! Oh I'm an Aquarius too

Woah.....That's pretty awesome exhibition in Oslo and awesome collection of coin You've received @janusface. I guess you've best collection now.

Wow, those are some really magnificent gold coins! Fun fact: The total market cap of gold is $7.8 trillion, which is more than 20 times the market cap of cryptocurrencies!

i never knew about this thanks for sharing such and educative article

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@janusface, Absolutely brilliant Museum of Cultural History and the exhibition you visited. Unfortunately didn't see more photo clicks. If have lot we satisfying better. But enough to can guess idea.
Sample gold coin walking area what a fantastic place.
Finally you've got Barbados gold coin. How many coins do you have?
Congrats for them. I think you follow hodl procedure.

That would be way to much. ... Have never seen it before....

You're taking me back in the days i used to favor numismatic coins. Thank you for the trip down memory lane. i don't own anymore physical coins, but I'd love to visit this bank :)

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2+2 is 4 minus 1 thats 3 quick maths.

I smoke trees

I love this story, very intesesting, and Educative to learn about... Never knew the history about Gold, but now i know .

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The gold coins are amazing. I think everyone should have a little gold if nothing else to show future generations where money came from as I am sure we will have digital currency in the future

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Fascinating story 🧐

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I never seen 15,000 gold coins before but, you had to see it there, congratulations

like your post
bcz i love india..

Awesome museum @janusface
Thanks for sharing

This is quite a magnificent historical exposure... I've learnt things from this.kudos!

I really like the post. quite informative.

Awesome museum.

Merhaba @janusface steem konusunda bana yardım edebilirmisin

I've learn history today its really good actually

the value of something. time is over

ood post, I like your post ..

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thank you, keep on steemit.

It would be worth going just to see 15,000 gold coins in one place (something few of us will ever see in person). But the story of Operation Heavy Luggage is far more inspiring from a human perspective. Thanks for expanding my knowledge today.

I love this! I am a huge coin geek. I love collecting coins. Am definately visiting this museum when I visit Oslo one day! Thank you for sharing! :)

very beautiful architecture

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Well, the trouble all started with Lydians :)

Kami di aceh punya meseum tsunami... @janusface..
Mari saling menjaga sejarah kita selalu...

good article .nice to know about history of the coin

Gold is a beautiful metal. I wish I had more of it.

Wow, look so amazing, I want them all.

Vote beck yes

Wow! Your article makes me want to visit that museum if I'm ever in Oslo. Thanks for writing this, it was really interesting!

lots of coins under your foot. unbelievable experience & a museum. i like that 'trident' coin too. impressive post @janusface


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Money makes the world go round ,Interesting and educative post on history of Coin(Gold and silver)
However ,about the derivation and how the Indians
coined the name of their currency is quite informative and funny to me though..
Finally I would say you've done much with this post....big ups @janusface

I very rarely go to a museum, but the museum an awful lot of science in the get on the history of the past ...

Please follow me back @abdulhanif thanks

I want go there but very far from my place aceh,indonesian sir

Love the quote about confidence being necessary for money to actually function. So very true!

Best content friend

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