Secret Santa : Lest best is true this time

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Dear silver lovers,

I never worried to not receive the secret santa package as I am used to long delivery periods already. But when I heard the package fall on the doormat today I rushed to open it.

And guess what !

a. The package is shipped from Sweden (Sverige) so most likely from the real Santa.
b. It is heavy !

So let's see what is included:

The first is a chunky 2 ounce bigfoot round. What ? Two ounce and there is more. This Santa is very genereous...
I love this round and did not have it yet.

The other coins included are two of the canadian wildlife series i.e. the Lynx (2017) and the Wolf (2018).

And last but not least A Death of the Dollar round with CoA!

Check 'm out on the picture


Thank you so much (secret) Santa but it is really too much! I feel guilty sending one ounce only myself (albeit a nice valuable one) but still…….maybe I can make up for it soon.

Also thanks to the Welshstacker @welshstacker for organizing this again!

Now waiting for the steemislverrounds, fingers crossed….



Wow!! That’s a really nice Santa. You definitely deserve those well done! That Bigfoot is cool never seen one.

From Sweden you say? It is definitely from the real Santa. She He is super generous! What a collection of stuff!

That is an awesome secret santa congrats

So glad it got there I'm sure your secret will be delighted that you received them.

That is truly a shiny wiew and you deserve it.
The real santa is rewarding you it seems 🎅 Thank you for sharing. Ya that bigfoot is badass.
Have a wonderful evening my friend. Cheers! 🌸

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