Dutchies got their Steemsilverrounds 2019

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Hi steemians and silver lovers,

When I got home from Spanish classes today I found a sign of the postoffice on my doormat about a shipment from abroad. As expected they added a tax- invoice of EUR 50,- which I am happy to pay of course.

I gathered some courage and per bicycle headed to our main village some 4 kilometers from here and with strong headwind and temperatures just above freezing (6 Celsius) this is no sinecure!

Do I not have a nice car? Yes I have but that is taken by my loving wife who works in Amsterdam.

Below are the beauties presented before a screen with tulips in a wooden shoe.


Ray, thanks so much for all the work and effort and I give them a special place.

I keep apart a few for other steemians here in the Netherlands.

I heard that bengy also got his , so the Dutchies have had their rounds…...




How dare your lovely wife take the car when she knew you were expecting these beauties. Glad they finally arrived, even if you did have to pay €50 tax on top.

Good to hear that you finally got yours, @goldrooster!
Take care 🥰🌺🤙

Congrats to you and all the Dutchies! 🌷

Glad EVERYONE (else) is getting their Steem round.

Nice rounds! I would have bicycled in unfavorable temperature to go get that as well (I'm pretty sure I have walked that far to get a silver package). Saludos! xox

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