Criminals took my computer on holiday - starting up again

in #steemsilvergold3 years ago (edited)

Dear SSG members and others

During my Spain holiday already on day 4 our rented car was broken open and all our stuff in the trunk was taken out. We were between two cities waiting near a park when they took a chance.

I lost my cellphone and laptop and we lost two suitcases full of clothes and shoes.

The raffle took place I know and as soon as I have a new computer I will check who won my prices, or maybe you can tell me. I am now working at home on my wife's computer owned by her company.

Till soon!


@abrockman : Once I have discord running I will talk to you


That's terrible news my friend. If you need anything let us k kW and we will try and help out.

That sucks @goldrooster. Hope you get everything up and running again!

Sorry to hear that. I hope there was zero trace of any crypto keys on your computer otherwise you might need to think about moving assets to new wallets.

All steemit keys were on the harddrive although not referring to steemit directly. Have to change them soon. My wallets are still untouched…

Oh no!!!! I am sorry, @goldrooster. I am always just so careful and almost paranoid at times when I travel. I hope all will be well.

All is well. Shaken not stirred.

Aww, man. Sorry to hear that. Hope you're back up and running soon.

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