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This is a shout out to @welshstacker for sending me a cool Peter Rabbit. He also sent me a 1919 George V British Silver Threepence.

PETER RABBIT from Beatrix Potter

@welshstacker sent me a special edition 50 pence coin featuring the much-loved Beatrix Potter character Peter Rabbit. Naturally, I'm a fan of Peter Rabbit like everybody else. This was the first time a fictional character appeared on a British coin.

This is a very cool coin.

1919 George V British Silver Threepence

@welshstacker also sent me a 1919 George V British Silver Threepence.
This is another very cool coin. It was very nice of @welshstacker send me this bonus coin.

@welshstacker Letter / Package

I guess I'm suppose to show the package, so here is goes. It was a nice handwritten note. Awesome . . . Thanks @welshstacker .



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Glad it got there. Only 2 month late!!! Hahaha


Thanks @welshstacker, I really like both :)

Silver threepence is so cool. I once told a softball teammate that I was going to pay him for pitching batting practice, to our team. I jokingly, gave him a similar threepence, because it was so small. He is a coin collector, too. I later told him it was silver and had some value. Pence are/were very rare in the USA. Especially old silver ones.


The silver threepence is very cool. I've seen some pictures online, but I've never seen one and now I own one. That's fantastic. This goes in my stack that will always be kept. I hope your teammate kept his threepence.

Some cool coins. The Peter rabbit one is very interesting

Nice pieces, now I want one.



Those are really cool. I like that Peter Rabit coin. Thanks for sharing.


Yeah, Peter Rabbit is cool.

bold anyone would like to have those coins in their collection


I AM glad to add them to my collection

thanks, your post! have a nice day.


Upvoted & resteemed



Welsh is a solid dude. Nice gift 👍


This is very true! @welshstacker is a solid dude and valuable member in our community. Cheers :)

nice, follow the white rabbit


Right! The Matrix :)

Great coins. Thx for sharing this.


Thanks, I was lucky to win the bunny and even more fortunate to receive the threepence.

I love the peter rabbit coin. I was recently in London with my mom and we found a Beatrix potter coin that looks different than yours, it was an anniversary coin. very cool definitely one of my favorite childhood story characters


I was fortunate enough to get these in the mail from @welshstacker; however, I wish I could get to London some day. It looks like there are a few versions of this coin, some colorized and some not.

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