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Today's Coin Shop Visit was MORGAN MANIA for Morgan Silver Dollars. The Coin Shop had four different boxes with different grades of Morgan Dollars

Morgan Silver Dollar 1879

The Morgan Silver Dollar 1879 with an 'S' mint mark.

Morgan Silver Dollar 1883

The Morgan Silver Dollar 1883 with an 'O' mint mark.

Morgan Silver Dollar 1889

The Morgan Silver Dollar 1889 with no mint mark.

Morgan Silver Dollar 1900

The Morgan Silver Dollar 1900 with an 'O' mint mark.

Morgan Silver Dollar 1901

The Morgan Silver Dollar 1901 with an 'O' mint mark.

Morgan Silver Dollar 1921

The Morgan Silver Dollar 1921 with an 'S' mint mark.


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Many Morgan Silver Dollars were melted down in the early 1900s. Many in BU condition. The 1904-O had a mintage of 4.4 million, a lot, but many were melted. High mintage number, but rare after the melt. Few survived. I like Morgans. I look for Xf+ with feathers on Eagle's Breast & hairlines just above Liberty's ear. The silver used in 1921 Morgans, 16 years later, may have come from previously melted Morgans. Same with Peace Silver Dollars. Silver Peace Dollars with silver from melted Morgans.• SteemSilverGold •


Good tips for checking wear!

This is a coin I don't have, that I would really like to own!😆👍the Morgan that is!


I hope you get one some day

@goldkey Did you check the Mint Mark on the 1900 O to make sure that you don't have a possible O/CC ?? .............


I didn't know to check; however, after further review. . . No double mint mark. I do always check the mintmark for "S". I am aware to check the whole coin for any peculiarities, like double die letters or dates. Unfortunately, I have only found proper mintmarks. I was pleasantly surprised recently by the New Orleans "O" mint mark. I was previously unaware of an "O" mintmark or New Orleans mint.

Never a bad day when ya put a few of these away


True, so True. . . It is a Good Day :)

Nice pickups @goldkey! That 1883-O is top notch!


Thanks, I like the 1883-O very much :)

I have a few. Want more. As far as American coins go the Morgans and the Walking Liberties are the most beautiful. Awesome designs.


Thanks, I agree about the Morgans and Walking Liberties. For nice designs, I also like the Mercury Dimes.

At the end of 2016 My mother bought me and my 2 siblings about 20 Morgans (neighbor was going to sell them to a jewelry store) and said to split them up when she died at the end of 2016. I told her to stop with her dying talk. She ended up dying a month later - complete surprise. So Morgan Dollars creep me out (as they sit in a desk drawer next to me).


Thanks for sharing your story and memories. I hope some day you look at your Morgans and just have pleasant memories. Peace.

Wow a lot of great looking Morgans. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for looking. . . they do look fantastic.

I could definitely use more of these. I'm embarrassed to say I only have a couple of Morgans. I don't know enough about them to buy the higher premium coins; I'd probably just ripped off. But I could buy some culls maybe ;-)


As nice as these are, these are not considered higher premium. I think the highest price was $27, which is high. There are many that are hundreds of dollars, especially Carson City Morgans. Some day I'll get one of those.

im amazed how old they are and looking so good.


I think some of these have been well cared for since they were minted.


they must have been as i dropped a new round about 3 feet and it was dinnged to hell.
It blows my mind when i think of how many people have touched and traded that coin.

Greetings. Beautiful coin. my collector's coins can look at me. I periodically publish photos from my personal photo archive, my former collection

Those are in pretty good shape for how old they are. Awesome pick-ups and thanks for sharing them with us.


Thanks @gniksivart, they do look for over 100 years old.

Morgans are my favorite American coin! I have an insatiable appetite for pre1900 coins! I have a roll of twenty in my stack! Thanks for sharing!


I was looking this time for pre-1900. Success this time around.

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