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Second winner of


The winner receives an upvote for life from @goldmonkey via a GMB, GMB's cost 1 steem each but they don't just give you an upvote for life they also have a profit share at the end of the Gold Monkey Year.

Well back to the contest, here was the picture of the coin people had to guess

The format for entry was
Country: Great Britain
Denomination: 3 pence
Year: 1931

Here is the coin without any editing

There was 4 entries using the format with all three parts with one exact guess we have a winner with all three parts correct, now all entries will be added to a league table and this week's winner is:


Here is his guess

Country: Great Britain
Denomination: 3 pence
Year: 1931

League Table

1 @ronaldoavelino 4 points

2 @wolffeys 3 points

3 @kerrislravenhill 3 points

4 @artofwisdom 2 points

5 @emergehealthier 1 points

At the end of every month who ever is top will get 1 GMB extra the points are added for every correct element guessed correctly, there are contests still open and new contests will be added every Monday and Wednesday.

For those who didn't win please feel free to enter any of my other contests or go and check out



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Thank you very much, I really appreciate it! I love these #contests.. Great idea!

Thanks again, @gdwcoins!!!