A little bag of silver

in steemsilvergold •  last month

So it has been market day and most times it means new coins and today is no exception with a small pile of silver coins.

I am not going into any great detail tonight as i am still frozen from being outside all day, there is a mix of mainly British silver coins and one French and one Belgium silver coins.


As you can see the coins are in various condition from good to very fine and coins which morons have drilled.


There was also this random bag with a Victorian silver 3 pence hanging underneath

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Nice variety of coins, The coins with a hole in it is still collectible to me too

I also see a U.S. Buffalo Nickel in the mix...

You buy and sell more coins than the LCS! Awesome score GDW. Now go warm up.


I am the LCS just outdoor

That “random bag with a coin hanging off” is a lot more charming than i thought it would be 😳😲😜🤣😂

Nice bag of coins. Do I spot there a 10 Reichspfennig zinc coin at the top? :D


Yes it is, you have some good eyes 🤓